Презентация на тему: 5 WAYS TO GET RID OF STAGE FRIGHT

1. Imagine yourself alone.
2. Focus on WHAT you DO, not HOW it LOOKS LIKE
3. Reduce the significance of what is happening
4.Method of desensitization
5. Imagine that the worst has already happened.
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One of my teachers thinks that there are only two fears: fear of the unknown and stage fright. You can agree with him or not, but fears associated with drawing attention to your personality and public opinion occupy a large place in the life and psychology of many (if not all) of us as members of society. The most vivid example, perhaps, is speaking to the public, be it making a toast at the next feast, giving a lecture by a teacher or a politician's monologue in front of a large crowd. So how can stage fright be overcome? INTRODUCTION

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Слайд 3: 1. Imagine yourself alone

There can be a lot of options, depending on the imagination. Some seem to disconnect from reality and imagine that there is no one around or even that they are in a completely different place, for example, at home. For other people, the option is to imagine that his environment is just a reproduced video sequence, as on a TV. And, accordingly, no one sees him either.

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Слайд 4: 2. Focus on WHAT you DO, not HOW it LOOKS LIKE

Excitement is almost always associated with thoughts of how we currently look from the outside and what others will think of us. In this case, our attention is entirely devoted to this aspect of what is happening. Therefore, what needs to be done is to direct your attention to the action being performed. 2. Focus on WHAT you DO, not HOW it LOOKS LIKE

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Слайд 5: 3. Reduce the significance of what is happening

In your imagination, add an element of comic or absurdity to the situation. One of the frequently used examples is to imagine that everyone is wearing diapers or funny hats.

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Слайд 6: 4.Method of desensitization

It consists in repeated repetition of a stressful situation, starting with a minimum level of stress and gradually increasing the intensity of the stressor. That is, for example, first imagine how you are performing in front of an audience of two, and these are your good friends. Then perform to them. Then three people (or two less close ones). Do this each time until you feel calm. And gradually increase the number of people and reduce the degree of closeness of relations with them. 4.Method of desensitization

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Последний слайд презентации: 5 WAYS TO GET RID OF STAGE FRIGHT: 5. Imagine that the worst has already happened

When you are preparing for the performance and notice the excitement, you might wonder what exactly you are afraid of. I must say right away that at this moment two parts seem to live in us: one adult, logical, and the other childish, irrational. And the response to the question addressed to yourself “What the worst can happen?” will be “Nothing”. And then it will persuade and get angry at the irrational, explaining to her that there is no point in being afraid. The excitement will not diminish. Therefore, the children's part should be asked. What is it afraid of? And look in this direction. What answers are coming? What situations are being drawn? When you get your answer, pretend it has already happened. And you have nothing to lose in this case. First, it will suddenly become clear that the worst case scenario is not so dire. Secondly, the very fact that certainty appears reduces anxiety. Remember the session at the university. If you have ever failed an exam, you may remember that the excitement faded away both after a grade and after successfully passing the exam. Very often we are more worried about the suspended state than the bad, but certainty. 5. Imagine that the worst has already happened.

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