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Vivienne Wes twood
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The designer Vivienne Isabel Svayr was born on April 8, 1941 in the city of Glossop. She have graduated from the pedagogical university and have studied one semester at Art school in Harrow. In 1971 she has opened clothing store in Chelsea, without education and training. In Great Britain punks have appeared. S he used the new direction of music. Collections of the beginning designer have won podiums of London.


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In 1983 on displays in Paris dresses of models Westwood were similar to triangular dresses, jackets were the unclear size, and sleeves reached a floor. In a collection of 1985 there were magnificent skirts in large peas and high shoes, these clothes have instantly become current. In 1990 she by right has been given the status of "The best designer of year" of England, then Westwood has created a collection for men. The 1990th years could by the right be called "historical return" which main idea was a flashback. Even registration of boutique of Vivienne conformed to this requirement - hours indoors went back. In the late nineties Vivienne has gained the world popularity – she began to sell licenses, and she create own perfume"Boudoir ". In 1998 the designer has received a prestigious award of "Queen's export award".


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Слайд 6: “Vivienne Westwood Red Label”, spring-summer 2014


Слайд 7: “Vivienne Westwood Red Label”, spring-summer 2014


Слайд 8: “Vivienne Westwood Red Label, spring-summer 2014”


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In 1992 Vivienne Westwood has received the award OBE in an award In 2006 for merits in fashion the award has been lifted to the DBE level.

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