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Village Novosmolinskiy
Tank T-34-85
T he monument to internationalist
M onument to Latvian shooters
Lake Jabik
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based in 1964. Village Novosmolinskiy not big and it doesn’t have many interesting places but it does have them/ Village Novosmolinskiy

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Слайд 2: Tank T-34-85

In the center of the village of Novosmolinskiy stands on a pedestal a t-34-85 tank produced in 1945, which reminds all residents of the village and its guests of the feat of heroes of the lower Dnieper. He participated in the battle of Berlin and was initially in Berlin, then he was transferred to Magdeburg, and after the start of the withdrawal of troops from Germany, he was brought to Mulino, where it was decided to put him in the SS. Sochi, in memory of the soldiers " Nizhnedneprovskiy " put on the altar of victory his life.

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Слайд 3: T he monument to internationalist

This is a special event for a military camp. It is home to many veterans of the Afghan and Chechen armed conflicts. In total, about two hundred people who have visited hot spots on the territory of foreign countries live in the Volodarskiy district. The obelisk to fallen wars was opened to the entire village with a military band and a solemn March. Employees of the Mulino military units came to lay flowers at the obelisk.

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Слайд 4: M onument to Latvian shooters

M onument to Latvian shooters located in a birch grove. S chool children go to it every year to pay their respects and lay flowers

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Последний слайд презентации: Village Novosmolinskiy: Lake Jabik

A t this place the residents of the village like to relax eat kebabs and just swim.

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