Презентация на тему: Урок английского языка В 9 классе по теме: «Английский язык – язык

Урок английского языка В 9 классе по теме: «Английский язык – язык
Активизация Л. Е.
Переведите предложения с новыми словами и далее проработайте каждый свой текст
Student 1 (Саша, Миша):
Student 2 (Тома, Аля) :
Student 3 (Оля, Таня) :
To become a good specialist (Лена)
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Урок английского языка В 9 классе по теме: «Английский язык – язык мира». Учебник: В.П.Кузовлев « Happy English », 20 19, М. Просвещение.

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Слайд 2: Активизация Л. Е

First, let’s review our vocabulary. Перепишите выражения в тетрадь изучать иностранные языки (to learn foreign languages) общаться с людьми (to communicate with people) знакомиться с друзьями ( to make new friends ) быть связанным с чем-то ( be connected with ) расширять кругозор (to expand outlook) во всем мире (all over the world) в оригинале (in the original) говорить свободно ( to speak fluently ) осознавать что-то ( be aware of )

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Слайд 3: Переведите предложения с новыми словами и далее проработайте каждый свой текст

- It is very important and useful to learn foreign languages - English helps me communicate with different people - Being (будучи) abroad I made many new friends. - This person is connected with many outstanding people. - Learning foreign languages helps me expand my outlook. - People all over the world do their best (делают всё возможное) to protect the environment. - I try to read English books in the original. - I must work hard to speak English fluently. - Are you aware of the importance of your statement?

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Слайд 4: Student 1 (Саша, Миша):

In our time it is very important to learn foreign languages. They help us to communicate with people from other countries, to understand another culture and also to get another understanding of our own culture and our own language. At school I learn English. I think, this language is very important and useful in our time. I want to travel a lot, so I need to know English because it is the most popular language in the world. It will help me to mix with people and to make new friends. I also need English to use the Internet and computer technologies. The English Language will be connected with my future career: I want to be an art critic and to study art and culture of our and foreign countries. English is the main language of international conferences.

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Слайд 5: Student 2 (Тома, Аля) :

Lots of people learn or speak foreign languages. At school many pupils have such a subject as a foreign language. They choose English, German or French. It’s very useful to know one or more foreign languages nowadays. English is international, you are able to speak English not only in English-speaking countries but all over the world. I have been learning English (изучаю английский) since the first form at school. Four years at the language school ABC and now I learn it in Britannica. I need English for my future speciality, travelling. For example, I was in China twice and my English helped me greatly in lots of situations. So, English is very important and useful for me and it helps in my life.

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Слайд 6: Student 3 (Оля, Таня) :

English is very important in the whole world. Nowadays many countries where tourism is highly developed have two official languages: their native language and English. For example, when you visit Japan and you speak English fluently you’ll find all you want because every Japanese should speak English except Japanese. In the 21st century in all high technologies English is used by all producers. If you want to be aware of all machines you should know some more useful words in English. As for me I learn English not only at my English lessons, I have been studying at school “Britannica” for 5 years. It helps me very much and I hope in future my knowledge of English will be of great help for me.

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Y ou need to know English well. Many businessmen go abroad to exchange experience of work. They must be good at English so they must read some technical texts in the original. Student - Shpak Anna.: Since my childhood I dreamt to fly and travel very much. Later I understood that I’ll become a stewardess. At that time I came across a lot of problems. I didn’t know English well. Then I started to learn it very hard and I understood how important the English language is. Well, now I work in the big airlines company called “British Airlines”. My job is very interesting buy sometimes difficult. I like to work with people. Our flights are always comfortable and pleasant. We invite you to use our company and we promise you a pleasant flight!

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