Презентация на тему: Types of business letters

Types of business letters
Video (10 min ) Shipping – Transport, Trade Barriers, Trading Blocs and International Organizations
Documents and genres
Other docs:
Vocabulary ( to translate)
At home:
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Первый слайд презентации: Types of business letters

Transportation and shipping Maria Fedorova, Omsk

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Слайд 2: Plan

1. References. 2. Video. 3. Docs and genres. 4. Vocabulary. 5. Examples

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Слайд 3: References

A. Ashley. Handbook of commercial correspondence (Oxford), unit 11. https://semioffice.com/letters/request-letters/sample-letter-for-transport-arrangement/ https://studwood.ru/2172858/tehnika/kratkoe_opisanie_chartera_konosamenta ( русс.)

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Слайд 4: Video (10 min ) Shipping – Transport, Trade Barriers, Trading Blocs and International Organizations

https :// www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjzptJeppAI&feature=emb_logo Выписать и перевести любые 15 фраз (на паре- устно)

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Слайд 5: Documents and genres

Consignment note Товарно-транспортная накладная SAD (single administrative document including 8 forms) and SCP (simplified clearance procedure) Waybill Накладная, дорожный лист Movement certificate Сертификат на перевозку товара Certificate of origin General charter – чартер (договор морской перевозки)

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Слайд 6: Other docs:

Advice note - gives details about packing and arrival date (извещение об отправке) Request for quotation (by road, by rail, by air) Quotation for delivery (ссылки на order and invoice, enclosed invoice) Complaint of damage in delivery Reply to complaint Request for freight rates and sailings (in shipping) Bill of lading ( b/l ) коносамент (морская накладная) Instruction to forwarding agent Confirmation of shipment (11.4.7)

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Слайд 7: Vocabulary ( to translate)

Haulage (trucking ) Freight company Forward agent Clearing agent Private carrier consignor Consignee In transit A tramp A bulk carrier 11. roll-on roll-off facilities 12. A lighter 13. A good depot 14. A shipment 15. A bulk commodity 16. Perishable goods 17. A shipbroker 18. Charter party 19. Tonnage value 20. Groupage rates

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Слайд 8: Example

Sample Request Letter for Transport Facility The Manager Operations, London Transport Company. Dear Sir, We have carefully examined the transport services you provide for your clients in form of buses and taxis which is quite satisfactory. As far as our school is concerned, we are imparting education to children in our school system where students are also taken to different trips for the purpose of study and gaining practical experience of education. Recently, we have organized one day study tour to Botanical Garden in Glasgow city for the students of Botany. In this context, we require a good conditioned bus and adept driver, who would pick thirty students from Superior School, carry them to the Botanical Garden in Glasgow city and then bring them back to college in evening hours of the same day. You are requested to arrange a bus with driver for the trip of Superior School to Glasgow on 13 th  January. If possible for you then please let us know the charges for this  transport  facility and other mandatory requirements from your side with response to this letter at your earliest. Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. With regards, Brian Lara, Vice Principal, Superior School System

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Последний слайд презентации: Types of business letters: At home:

1) make crossword with any 15 words or make 10 sentences with translation with any words from slide 7; Or do ex 1 p 56 from Ashley workbook, unit 11 with translation into Russian 2) choose and translate any letter from Ashley handbook, unit 11, pp. 183-218. Don’t forget to write the page the letter is on.

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