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The impact of the internet on the memory
First experiment
The result
Brain multitasking
The experiment
The result
P l agiarism
How to avoid P l agiarism
Contact details
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VIKTORIA TSURIKHINA, a second year student Educational Institution of the Trade Unions of Higher Education « Academy of Labour and Social Relations » Moscow, 2020

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Слайд 2: Agenda

The impact of the internet on the memory Brain multitasking PLagiarism

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Слайд 3: The impact of the internet on the memory

People become more dependent on the Internet JUST GOOGLE IT H ow our brain have changed in recent times ?

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Слайд 4: First experiment

People type unimportant facts into a computer People remember facts, knowing where to find them on the computer Second experiment Task Understood the computer would save the information Understood the computer wouldn’t save it Remember the information better Task Remember the folder location better than the facts

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Слайд 5: The result

Using the internet develop stronger transactive memory Transactive memory People don’t remember the information itself, they remember where it is stored The way we use memory is changed

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Слайд 6: Brain multitasking

A person's ability to do more than one thing at a time High-tech multitasking Writing an essay Reading messages Listening to music

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Слайд 7: The experiment

The aim Examine our brain from the inside using magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) The task People were given two tasks requiring concentration to do at the same time The result Our brain is not paying attention to 2 tasks simultaneously

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Слайд 8: The result

Wasting time Loosing speed and accuracy Can result in accident we should control our desire to use a wide variety of electronic media

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Слайд 9: P l agiarism

« The process or practice of using another person's ideas or work and pretending that it is your own » Dictionary.Cambridge.org Includes : Using another's production without crediting the source Failing to put a quotation in quotation marks Paraphrasing or restructuring ideas without stating where it comes from

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Слайд 10: How to avoid P l agiarism

Cite your source Don't procrastinate with your research and assignments Don't take the "easy way" out Paraphrase Use plagiarism checker

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Слайд 11: Conclusion

Internet has changed our life Changed the way we use our memory Allow to multitask Provide access to a huge flow of information Developing stronger transactive memory Less focused and accurate More plagiarized works

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Последний слайд презентации: Thought: Contact details

VIKTORIA TSURIKHINA, a second year student AL&SR ________________ Email: vtsurikhina@bk.ru

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