Презентация на тему: The value of sport in human life

The value of sport in human life
Sport - Definition
Does a person need sport?
How many times a week do you need to go in for sports?
What is the danger of excessive exercise.
Famous Sports
World records
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Слайд 2: Sport - Definition

Sport (Eng. Sport, short for the original old French desport - “game”, “entertainment”) - organized according to certain rules people’s activity, consisting in comparing their physical or intellectual abilities, as well as preparing for this activity and interpersonal relationships that arise in her process. Sport is a specific kind of physical and intellectual activity performed for the purpose of competition, as well as purposeful preparation for them by warming up, training. In combination with relaxation, the desire to gradually improve physical health, increase intelligence, obtain moral satisfaction, strive for excellence, improve personal, group and absolute records, fame, improve one’s physical abilities and skills, sports are designed to improve the physical and mental characteristics of a person. Sport - Definition

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Слайд 3: Does a person need sport?

Sport has amazing properties. It can unite people, introduce them to each other, in most cases, the sport strengthens the health, character and even mental abilities of the people who deal with it, develops such skills as speed, agility, reaction, coordination, endurance, patience and strength in them. Sport makes people more resistant to negative environmental factors. It often brings people a lot of positive emotions, for example, when a favorite team wins or when a person achieves some result in it. Does a person need sport?

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Слайд 4: How many times a week do you need to go in for sports?

You cannot say “in general” exactly how many days you need to train, for different situations this value will be different. The number of workouts per week depends on these factors: 1. From the purpose of your studies Perhaps you want to do fitness to maintain health and relieve stress, you may want to lose weight or develop strength and muscle mass. The end determines the means. 2. From the training program (type of loads, volume of loads, intensity of loads) Agree that training can be very different. Recovery time depends on the degree and volume of the load - the harder your workouts, the more rest will be needed to recover. 3. The degree of preparedness of the athlete and the speed of his recovery It is necessary to gradually accustom the muscles to the loads, and not try to immediately break the body. 4. From the mode of life (sleep, nutrition, etc.) The state of the nervous system and muscle recovery depend on this. As a result, sports should be given 2-4 days a week How many times a week do you need to go in for sports?

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Слайд 5: What is the danger of excessive exercise

Excessive loads are known to lead to accelerated aging, a decrease in the body's defenses, as well as to great problems with the musculoskeletal system, in particular, due to the high risk of injuries and congestion of the musculoskeletal system. Too much load on our body leads to the production of a large number of free radicals, while metabolic processes are also deteriorating. And on hot days, increased workouts can result in dehydration. What is the danger of excessive exercise.

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Слайд 6: Famous Sports

We know thousands of sports, but here are a few examples: Football, basketball, volleyball, handball, cricket, golf, baseball, long jump, high jump, multi-distance running, swimming, diving, cycling, weightlifting, boxing, all kinds of wrestling, rowing, polo, hockey, figure skating, speed skating, javelin and javelin throwing, tennis, gymnastics, horse racing, wrestling. Famous Sports

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Слайд 7: World records

100-meter Usain Bolt race - 9.58 s 1000 meter race Noy Ngeni - 2: 11.96 High jump 2.45 m Javier Sotomayor Pole vault 6.14 m Sergey Bubka 8.95m long jump Mike Powell Triple Jump 18.29 m Jonathan Edwards Shot put 23,12 m Randy Barnes Here are the most famous records: Discus throw 74.08 m Jürgen Schult Hammer throw 86.74 m Yuri Sedykh Javelin throw 98.48 m Jan Zhelezny World records

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Последний слайд презентации: The value of sport in human life: findings

With the help of sport, a person can reach unprecedented heights, become stronger, faster, stronger in spirit. But too frequent and hard playing sports can lead to injuries and you can forget about a healthy body. There are a lot of sports and everyone can find something for himself. findings

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