Презентация на тему: The most dangerous diseases. Rabies

The most dangerous diseases. Rabies
K ey facts
types of rabies
F orms of the disease
WHO response
The most dangerous diseases. Rabies
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Слайд 2: K ey facts

zoonotic disease caused by RNA viruses transmitted in the saliva of rabid mammals via a bite and scratches entry to the central nervous system incubation period usually ranges 1-3 months after exposure disease after clinical symptoms is almost always fatal 99% of cases of rabies virus transmission, people come from domestic dogs

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Слайд 3: Epidemiology

Rabies is found on all continents exception is Antarctic Victims are often children aged 5 to 14 years Every year, more than 29 million people worldwide receive a post-bite vaccination Rabies Free Countries and Territories 11, July 2018

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Слайд 4: types of rabies

natural type foci of the disease are formed by wild animals wolf fox raccoon dog jackal arctic fox skunk mongoose bats urban type Pets become infected with rabies after contact with sick wild animals Dogs Cats farm animals

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Слайд 5: Transmission

from animal to human by a bite by aerosol through mucous membranes by scratches with saliva with brain/nervous system tissue between humans through transplant surgery through bites through kisses through contamination of mucous membranes (eyes, nose mouth) aerosol transmission through corneal transplantations

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Слайд 6: Pathophysiology

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Слайд 7: Symptoms

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Слайд 8: F orms of the disease

Furious rabies h yperactivity excitable behaviour hydrophobia (fear of water ) aerophobia (fear of drafts or of fresh air ) death occurs after a few days due to cardio-respiratory arrest Paralytic rabies muscles gradually become paralyzed (starting at the site of the bite or scratch ) a slowly developing coma death occurred by coma

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Слайд 9: Diagnosis

Saliva is tested by virus isolation Saliva is tested by reverse transcription followed by polymerase chain reaction Serum and spinal fluid are tested for antibodies to rabies virus Skin biopsy specimens are examined for rabies antigen in the cutaneous nerves at the base of hair follicles

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Слайд 10: Treatment

Post-exposure prophylaxis: 1. Extensive washing and local treatment of the bite wound or scratch for a minimum of 15 minutes with soap and water, detergent, povidone iodine or other substances that remove and kill the rabies virus 2. A course of potent and effective rabies vaccine can effectively prevent the onset of symptoms and death

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Слайд 11: Prevention

Eliminating rabies in dogs Immunization of people

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Слайд 12: WHO response

• In 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and the Global Alliance against Rabies (GABB) adopted a common strategy aimed at eliminating rabies mortality by 2030 transmitted by dogs. • September 28, World Rabies Day, WHO experts draw attention to the importance of dog vaccination programs as the most effective way to reduce the risk of this disease. All over the world, dog bites are the cause of almost all human deaths from rabies

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