Презентация на тему: The main prepositions of time are: On (days and dates) In (long periods, parts

The main prepositions of time are: On (days and dates) In (long periods, parts
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The main prepositions of time are: On (days and dates) In (long periods, parts of the day) At (precise time, exceptions) Instructions Make a sentence – examine the photo and make up a sentence, using prepositions of time Describe the video - watch the video and say what people are doing with the help of prepositions of time What is missing – try to guess, which word is missing Continue the idea – make the sentence longer Make a sentence In winter In winter people make beautiful snowmen Describe the video At Easter people paint the eggs At Easter On ????? Fools day we prank our friends What is missing? April Make a sentence In September On September, 1 In September (On September, 1) students go to school after summer holidays Continue the idea In the morning I usually… drink coffee and read a book 2020 Make a sentence In 2020 In 2020 coronavirus changed our life Describe the video In spring In spring nature wakes up and flowers bloom What is missing? On the ???? of May Russia celebrates the end of the World War II 9 th Make a sentence weekend At the weekend At the weekend I relax at home Continue the idea At 11 o’clock Harry and Ron … will get to a secret platform Make a sentence Friday night On Friday night On Friday night we sing at karaoke together What is missing? New Year always begins at ????????? midnight Make a sentence next century Next century all cars will fly Next century (no preposition) Describe the video in summer We can eat ice creams in summer Make a sentence On New Year At Christmas On New Year (At Christmas) we give presents to each other What is missing? On ???????, 8 Russia celebrates Women’s Day March Continue the idea At 07:30 we usually… try to wake up to begin our day Make a sentence Wednesday morning on Wednesday morning On Wednesday morning we eat some tasty porridge What is missing? In July we eat a lot of ????? strawberries wild Make a sentence in the evening In the evening we walk in the park Describe the video on my birthday On my birthday I always blow candles on a cake Make a sentence autumn in autumn In autumn we collect different mushrooms What is missing? At ??????? time I have a steak and some vegetables dinner START FINISH

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