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The Financier
The ending
My predictions
The message of the book
Zero moral?
The Financier
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Nikita Zommer, 18825

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Слайд 2: The ending

Dreiser finishes the story in an eloquent and refined way, giving the reader both the feeling of completeness and the feeling of anticipating the continuation of the story. The first book of the trilogy enables us to get acquainted with the protagonist and his irreligious values and views on life in general. His future financial journey, which takes place in Chicago, will be described in the ‘Titan’.

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Слайд 3: My predictions

Honestly speaking, I had rather vague predictions on the plot, because generally I prefer to read something as it is without having lots of thoughts on how the story might end. I predicted that Frank would find any way possible to tackle every issue he’d had to face and, eventually, he did.

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Слайд 4: The message of the book

The message is to show a new type of an American man. The one who once lived in the ‘new’ country: the America of the XX century. The author describes the people who were not just wealthy and rich, but who were the real financiers, the tycoons in different spheres, the money kings. Dreiser demonstrates to his readers these people and their characters which doesn’t lack morality, they rather represent the so-called ‘zero morals’.

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Слайд 5: Zero moral?

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‘Zero moral’, according to Dreiser, implies that a person is particularly interested in himself and not in anyone else. Theodore intentionally uses the word ‘zero’ to emphasize that such people do have basic principles of moral. Thus, their motto is ‘I satisfy myself’ which means that nothing can hinder their wishes and desires. The author, however, is not trying to make villains of them, rather the egocentric heroes of their time.

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Последний слайд презентации: The Financier: My opinion

Undoubtedly, ‘The Financier’ is a great book to read. It is perfectly written, the style which the author uses is exceptional. There are lots of words and phrases that I myself found necessary to learn, because most of them are used in real life. I have to admit that it’s very tough to read about all the financial abstrusities and economic terminology; moreover, at the beginning of the book I felt a bit bored, but then as the plot developed, I started enjoying it till the story reached its logic end. If you ask me, I’d give the book 8 points on the scale of 1 to 10.

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