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T he most ancient sport
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American scientists during excavations in the cave Sibudu in South Africa found in sediments traces arrowheads and spears that shoot in special target attached to the wall. And it is possible that the shooters competed in the so-called " sport hunting “. As scientists study these traces were left more than 60,000 years ago


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Also in Japan were found pictures are very similar to one of the ancient sport of sumo wrestling


Слайд 4: " Pitz " is one of the most ancient game in the world. Mayan peoples played this game. The rules in the game liken football in the modern world


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Many believe that the progenitor of the ancient Olympic Games event is Greece, but in fact it is not, the first javelin, wrestling, long jump fishing, boating and so on have appeared in ancient Egypt in 2000 BC In 1600-1100 BC Already in ancient Greece, the competitions between athletes. Between the parties to hold competitions in running, javelin, discus, long jump and various other disciplines.


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