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Sterlitamak–the most beautiful city
History of our city
The memorial "Eternal flame"
Lenin avenue. Main city street.
The Bashkir culture was born in Sterlitamak. Here opened the first professional theater, now academic, awarded the order of the red banner of Labor theater
our factory
These factories are polluting our beloved city
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Слайд 2: Sterlitamak–the most beautiful city

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Слайд 3: History of our city

More than two centuries ago-in 1766, the first caravan of 30 barges loaded with Iletsk salt for the Central provinces of Russia went down the Belaya river from the Ashkadar pier. This year is also associated with the Foundation of Sterlitamak, the name of Which comes from the combination of two words: " Sterlya " - a river in the city and Bashkir language "TAMAK", which means the neck, mouth. The city soon turned into a shopping center, as it was located at the intersection of two important highways: Orenburg - Ufa and Verkhneuralsk - Bugulma - Kazan

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Слайд 4

Before the revolution, Sterlitamak was a one-story wooden building, with 6 Orthodox churches and 5 Muslim mosques, a women's gymnasium and a real school, 18 businesses and 6 doctors. Although the factory industry began to develop by the end of the nineteenth century, the urban economy never really developed.

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Слайд 5

October events of 1917 changed the dull and monotonous life of a small town lost in the Bashkir steppes. On March 23, 1919, a decree was signed on the formation of the Bashkir ASSR, and Sterlitamak became the capital of the young Autonomous Republic. Monument "Liberation" to the heroes of the civil war

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Слайд 6: The memorial "Eternal flame"

Military revolutionary traditions were continued during the great Patriotic war. 25 residents of the city and district who defended our Motherland were awarded the high title of Hero of the Soviet Union. 10 thousand sterlitamaks did not return from the front, their names are written in the "Book of memory", in their honor, on may 9, 1967, the Eternal flame of glory was lit.

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Слайд 7: Lenin avenue. Main city street

Time counts down years and decades, Sterlitamak is growing and gaining strength, which today has 260 thousand inhabitants of more than 30 nationalities. It became the second industrial and cultural city of Bashkiria after Ufa, and gained a strong reputation as a hard worker. Its industrial face today is defined not only by large chemical companies. Mechanical engineering, food and light industry, and construction industry have been developed. The city produces soda, synthetic rubber, pipe-laying machines, robot machines, and construction materials.

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Слайд 8: The Bashkir culture was born in Sterlitamak. Here opened the first professional theater, now academic, awarded the order of the red banner of Labor theater named after M. Gafuri in Ufa, often coming on tour to the city that gave it life. The first book in Bashkir was published in Sterlitamak. From here came the pioneers of national poetry, drama, music and visual arts. The cultural level of the city is growing even today: a drama theater and a house of music are open, writers 'and journalists' organizations are working, city, district and multi-circulation Newspapers are published, there are art and music schools, folk and Amateur groups that have received their registration in the beautiful palaces of culture of industrial enterprises of the city

Palace of culture SK Drama theatre

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Слайд 9: industry

The economic potential of the city is largely determined by large chemical and petrochemical enterprises. In 2008, chemists and petrochemists sent commercial products worth 37 billion 340 million rubles. The company "Soda" in 2008 shipped products for 13 billion 788 million rubles. Joint-stock company "caustic" shipped products worth 10 billion 344 million rubles. Sterlitamak petrochemical plant shipped products worth 3 billion 868 million rubles to consumers. Snkhz remains the only Russian supplier of phenolic antioxidants for the production of rubbers, and continues to develop the production of stabilizers of the Agidol series.Machine-building and machine-tool industries in the city are represented by large joint-stock companies: "Sterlitamak machine tool plant", "Red proletarian", "car Repair plant", "Stroymash Plant", "inmash Concern". In addition, the city has powerful enterprises of the construction industry and building materials. Within 6 months, the company" Construction materials " shipped cement, clinker and other products in the amount of 2 billion rubles. At the same time, for the first time in the past 14 years, sodoviki managed to achieve a volume of cement production of more than 1 million tons. There are construction organizations, the largest of which is JSC "Sterlitamakstroy".The food industry is widely represented. The stalk plant (alcohol and vodka production), the Shihan brewery (until 2005), the Sterlitamak bakery, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2009, also has 2 large dairy plants and more than 4 sausage factories on the territory of the city.The city's industrial sector produced and shipped 43.2 billion worth of products.rubles, the industrial production index is 85.7 %.

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Слайд 10: our factory

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