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Способы сказать ДА Способы сказать ДА Способы сказать НЕТ Способы сказать наверное Способы сказать ДА
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- Would you like some coffee? - Sure ! - Could you lend me some money? -You got it! - Let’s go to the party! - Sounds good/ great! You were supposed to phone me! - Right! Yes, OF COURSE - I’ll call you tomorrow… - Deal!


Слайд 2

Are you sure! Positive!


Слайд 3: Способы сказать НЕТ

No She got married! No way! Yeah, way! Not a chance! I don’t think so… I'm afraid not… I don’t think it’s a good idea!


Слайд 4: Способы сказать наверное

I guess… likely to It (I) might… MAYBE/ PROBABLY


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1.Will you ever marry me? 2. Will you take a message if anyone calls while I'm out? 3.Would you like to try it on? 4. Would you mind working at the weekend? Again? 5. Do you know that John and Sarah are getting a divorce? 6.? 7. Can I copy your homework, please?

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