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Serbian language
Language is a principal cultural tool of any nation.
Middle age
Church Slavic language and commonly spoken language
Commonly spoken Slavic language in Serbian lands
Russian influence
Slavonicserbian language
Modern Serbian language
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Слайд 2: Language is a principal cultural tool of any nation

Impacts and reflects cultural development In science m ost often called Serbo-Croatian language *term emerged after second World War Used by Serbian, Croats, Slavic Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Rashka district

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Слайд 3: Middle age

Slavic group of languages Bizantinum emperor Mihailo Bizantinum moncs from Thesaloniki Kirilo and Metodie Old Slavic language ( старословенски j език ) *Creation of cyrilic and glagolitic letter Serbian alphabet till today Azbuka ( Азбука )

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Слайд 4: Church Slavic language and commonly spoken language

One common church language for orthodox Slavic groups (Serbian, Russian, Bolgarian ) Orthodox cultural cercle, allways opened to Greek influence Translation centers at Slavic monasteries of mounth Athos – Serbian monastery Hilandar Very low level of borrowed words

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Слайд 5: Commonly spoken Slavic language in Serbian lands

Law documents Higher level of borrowed words than in Church Slavic language Law and trade expressions were strictly ancient Slavic or developed on Serbian ground Economic, agricultural, mining expressions Two functional parts of one language Attempt to approach Serbian to Greek language in 1400 ad interrumpted by Turc slavery Appearance of literature on common language

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Слайд 6: Russian influence

Usage of Serbian soldiers by Habsbough Monarchy Pressure to change religion and prohibition of printing Church Slavic books on their theritoy Support of Russia and often secret import of Russian church books lead to Russian redaction of language Russian redaction becomes official language of Serbian Church Serbian orientation unilaterally turns to Russia Import of other content beside religious

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Слайд 7: Slavonicserbian language

1768 Zahariye Orfelin 1783 Dositey Obradovich Reform of Vuk Stefanovich Karadzich “ Ekavica ” and “ yekavica ” ( vreme / vrijeme )

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Слайд 8: Modern Serbian language

Rigorous distancing from Church Slavic inheritage Development of Serbian literature language Cosmopolitan orientation Serbo-Croatian language Break into multiple languages in past 30 years

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Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art https://www.isj.sanu.ac.rs/ru/o-srpskom-jeziku/

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