Презентация на тему: Scaled Agile Framework of smoker…. Bad advices how to 100% fail SAFe

Scaled Agile Framework of smoker…. Bad advices how to 100% fail SAFe
What is Scaled Agile Framework?
Agile is a framework
Bus effect
SAFe is a pie, it’s easy!
People does not matter!
Scream instead of Scrum
SAFe NOT on both sides
Force teams
Jokes a side
Scaled Agile Framework of smoker…. Bad advices how to 100% fail SAFe
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Scaled Agile Framework of smoker…. Bad advices how to 100% fail SAFe implementation

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Слайд 2: Who?

8 years NGSSM experience Certified SAFe consultant, practicing Agile \ Scrum and Kanban over 5 years. Project Manager Scrum Master

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Слайд 3: What is Scaled Agile Framework?

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Слайд 4: Agile is a framework

Agile is always equal Scrum Agile is not about mindset but about stupid values that nobody can measure and understand \ share Agile is buzzword that help sell contracts, nothing more

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Слайд 5: Bus effect

Because customer is asking for it Because counterparts using it It’s modern and fancy If we will not start using, we are all gonna die I feel the pain, SAFe will fix it

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Слайд 6: SAFe is a pie, it’s easy!

Do not ever hire SPC’s Do not even try to be trained how to read or use it Always implement all layers (even if you do recognize that is useless) Remove unnecessary roles or artifacts \ practices Synchronization is unnecessary After you would tired about Agile idea go to ‘V-type model’ (SAFe is adaptive to any sort of changes ) Forget about XP just do..

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Слайд 7: People does not matter!

Do not train them Do not ever pay attention to feedback Do net let them decide how product will look like (act top to down as much as possible) Do not care about motivation Scrum Masters are useless Program Increment do not require any context or details necessary for teams

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Слайд 8: Scream instead of Scrum

Hold the team and support illusion of control Heightened project transparency (you will not do that) Stability losses for quick win Grant managers not teams to speed up their career grow More KPI’s to teams Do ceremonies even if you don’t understand what is it for Change Sprint and PI length when it’s needed

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Слайд 9: Contracts

Fix as much as possible (scope, money, etc.) Don’t think about details in SOW, Agile provide values

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Слайд 10: SAFe NOT on both sides

Customer DO NOT need understanding of what we as supplier are doing Never align about meanings and values Comfortable roles always on supplier side

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Слайд 11: Mini-waterfalls

Waterfall perfectly fit’s into Scrum \ Kanban \ Lean frameworks Act as you normally did before (don’t use XP or try to implement new work order) More management to management god

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Слайд 12: Force teams

Never ask teams what the best way to implement product, all is predetermined on mgmt. level. Always do a formal PI planning's, never ask for feedback, it’s not necessary. Team should be represented on ALL PI planning's without exception, because it’s stated. IP sprint is expensive and useless SAFe is enough flexible to change priorities each sprint

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Слайд 13: Jokes a side

SAFe isn’t perfect and have problems with feedback on certain levels Scrum teams mindset as well as RTE require mature skills SAFe hardly implementing in short term perspective It’s mislead to copy top2down company structure Distinguishing to levels is require a lot of synchronization It is expensive! In supplier case it’s not the best model to use Attrition rate increase team delivery uncertainty and risks Multiple vendors in train hardly to plan and synchroniz ation and testing might be problematic. Testing in ART hard to synchronize

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