Презентация на тему: Russian Festivals

Russian Festivals
New Year’s Day
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Слайд 2: New Year’s Day

A family holiday To stay up until midnight To see the Old Year off To see the New Year in To put up the New Year Tree To do the illumination To decorate the New Year Tree with toys To lay the holiday table To wait for the clock to strike midnight To congratulate each other To say “A Happy New Year” To wish a strong health and happiness

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Слайд 3: Christmas

To be a Christian holiday To decorate fir-trees with tinsels, baubles, fairy lights and to light candles To have parties To wish a merry Christmas To give gifts to relatives and friends

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Слайд 4: Shrovetide

To have deep roots and to be connected with the end of winter To be ‘’A Farawell -to-Winter Festival” To remember hardly about them (many people) To do a lot during this festival To have a lot of fun To say “goodbye” to winter To welcome spring To have carnivals and to ride Russian troikas To cook and eat a lot of pancakes To climb a pole for a gift

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Последний слайд презентации: Russian Festivals: EASTER

to be religious holiday; a Christian holy day To be celebrated in spring (March, April, May) To remember the death of Christ and his return to life To have gatherings To bake paskha, kulich and other pies To dye eggs To exchange dyed eggs with relatives and friends

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