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Ron Chernaw - titan
Ron Chernaw - titan
Ron Chernaw - titan
Ron Chernaw - titan
Predictions on the book
Ron Chernaw - titan
My thoughts about this book
Thank you for your attention
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The life of John Rockefeller Biography

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John Rockefeller lived a long life, which he was pleased with. His famous words that he was taught how to play live. And his life was a holiday. So he characterized his past. As a child, he was not spoiled, and even had complexes in mind, it was difficult to communicate with peers. It was from school years that he remained in the habit of economically managing money.

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He was a true philanthropist, all his life he and his father participated in donations. They traveled around countries and cities like Santa for Christmas, handing out checks to restore the imperial library in Japan, building university campuses in America, restoring the Versailles Palace in Paris, or sponsoring students with scholarships.

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Слайд 4

He did not like to drink, and if he drank, he preferred not the most drinks. And when he rode in his car, he preferred to take fellow travelers, stopping at the auto-stoppers and pedestrians, he did not like to ride in silence. He preferred to travel under a false name; he was not conceited. About 40 percent of family income went to charity. His love for a reasonable distribution of resources cannot be appreciated: during the construction of the house, he asked the worker whether it is necessary to use the bars of 14 inches, is it possible to cut them to 12? "To which the worker agreed. And the child gave his father a gift - 20 golf courses and five pens are something that could hit and be appreciated in the Rockefeller family, they did not support empty wastefulness, and remained human at their own expense, ”says the author of the book about Rockefellers.

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Слайд 5: Predictions on the book

I am fully satisfied by containing of this book. As I had predicted, there was much of information about the personality of J. Rockefeller. By the way, the author gave exact examples of the amounts that were spent on something or invested for the purpose of charity, the author even called the cost of gifts between family members. Toward the end of the book, the author focused on the human factor rather than on the economy, which I actually liked.

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The author achieved his goal and through a careful study of all the events from the life of the Rockefellers and their relationship, he made a positive impression about this family. He touched on all possible aspects of their life and described them in great detail.

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Слайд 7: My thoughts about this book

I really enjoyed the book. It is more like a huge guide where you can find anything you want about the life of each of the Rockefellers. It is very unusual to be a reader of a book in which everything is described in great detail, and at the same time be aware that this is a biography of a real person. The author has done tremendous work. This book drew my attention to the fact that even as the richest businessman on the planet, you can remain a person, no matter how naive it sounds.

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