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da Vinci Surgical System


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da Vinci Surgical System - the most advanced robotic surgical platform available on the market for today's. da Vinci helps to perform the most complex tasks, reducing the risk to the patient's life.


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The system is equipped with a 4 hands can hold tools. The first holds the camera, while the other three hands hold a complex and small tools. The surgeon sees high-definition video (HD) in real time, in 3D. Every tiny movement of the hand of the surgeon repeats the robot, with the highest accuracy.


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Operation using a robot - a procedure that allows the surgery through small incisions. Reduced recovery time, allowing the patient to return to their daily routine in less time. The risk of complications during and after surgery significantly decreased; operations are performed with less blood loss.


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The main drawback of the surgical robot Da Vinci is its high cost of 1.5 to 2.3 million. Euros, as well as high operating costs. One of such robots is located on the Russian island. Surgeon -хирург Recovery- восстановление Incisions -разрез Highest accuracy- высокая точность Tiny- мельчайший

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