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program in C
New words
Find words in the word search
Listen to the song on the video and complete the gaps.
program in C
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Слайд 2: Facts

C was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972. C is a compiled language. it is highly portable ( it means programs written in "C" can run out on other machines.

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Слайд 3: New words

to be developed - быть разработанным a compiled language - компилируемый язык portable - переносимый

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Слайд 4: Find words in the word search

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Слайд 5: Listen to the song on the video and complete the gaps

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Ariel, listen to me OO languages? It’s a mess. Programming in 1. _____ Is better than anything They got over there. The 2.________ might seem much sweeter Where objects and subtypes play But frills like inheritance Will only get in the way! Admire C’s simple landscape Efficiently dangerous! No templates or fancy pitfalls… Like 3._______ and C++! Program in C Program in C Pointers, assembly, Manage your memory With malloc () and free() Don’t sink your app With runtime bloat 4._________ in C will stay afloat Do what you want there Close to the 5.______________ ! Program in C

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