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President-of-the-USA-PowerPoint The President The President Talking point… Decision Making Talking point… The President’s Decisions Support Talking point… President-of-the-USA-PowerPoint
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Слайд 2: The President

The president of the United States has great power and responsibility. American citizens want a president who will use this power to make their lives, and the USA, better. The President Every four years, American citizens vote to decide who will become the next president of the United States of America.


Слайд 3: The President

The president’s office is called the Oval Office; lots of important decisions are made by the president in the Oval Office. The president earns $400,000 each year. The President The president lives and works in the White House, which has been the home of American presidents in Washington, D.C. since 1800. Photo courtesy of Glyn Lowe(@flickr.com) - granted under creative commons licence – attribution


Слайд 4: Talking point…

Share your ideas with the class. What do you think the president of the United States of America does each day?


Слайд 5: Decision Making

The president’s decisions affect the lives of millions of people. Every day, the president has to make lots of important decisions. The president has lots of staff to help him (or her) make important decisions.


Слайд 6: Talking point…

Share your ideas with the class. Can you think of a big decision the president might have to make?


Слайд 7: The President’s Decisions

Use of the U.S. Armed F orces in the U.S. and overseas. New and existing U.S. laws. Treaties (arrangements) between the U.S. and other countries. Alliances (relationships) between the U.S. and other countries.


Слайд 8: Support

The vice-president helps the president make all of his or her important decisions. The executive office of the president is made up of the president’s closest advisors. The cabinet is a group of leaders from within the greater White House team, who advise the president when he or she needs assistance.


Слайд 9: Talking point…

Share your ideas with the class. Do you think being the president is an easy job or a hard job? Why?


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