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Presentation on a theme «Education in Australia» Presentation on a theme «Education in Australia» Schools of Australia Presentation on a theme «Education in Australia» Presentation on a theme «Education in Australia» Presentation on a theme «Education in Australia» Presentation on a theme «Education in Australia» Presentation on a theme «Education in Australia» Australian University Presentation on a theme «Education in Australia» prestige Australian universities Monash University University of Adelaide University of Tasmania University of Melbourne THE END
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Prepared by: student of group T-28 Julia Feschyn Ternopil 2011


Слайд 2

Australia is one of leaders of international educational market. The system of formation of Australia has kind reputation in the whole world The education system in Australia is open to all people. It offers an opportunity for all age groups and levels of ability.


Слайд 3: Schools of Australia

Today about 10 thousand schools are counted in Australia. School is compulsory for all children aged between five and fifteen years. System of school education of Australia is arranged on character and similarity by English, that is considered the best in the world. Fitzroy school in Melbourne School of arts is in the Australian national university.


Слайд 4

On a type schools are divided by private and government. In a country 70 % of children study in government schools, other - in private. Some churches provide private schools. Also there are schools only for boys, only for girls and mixed. Byron Bay School


Слайд 5

higher education ( 11 and 12 class) School education is divided by: primary education (from 1 to a 6 - 7 class ) secondary education (from 6 - 7 to a 10 class) In schools study English, mathematics, social and natural sciences, art. In senior classes the circle of the studied objects narrows to a few, and the choice of direction depends on a student. Schools spare much attention to sport and education of personality.


Слайд 6

Australian colleges The Australian colleges carry out professional preparation on the wide spectrum of directions. Colleges are divided by state and private. State, incorporated in the system TAFE (Technical and Further Education), are considered more prestige. Private Scots College for boys International College of Management of Sydney


Слайд 7

The model set of suggestions of college includes the programs on business, management, marketing, information technologies, secretarial business, design, tourist and hotel management. Educating has the expressed practical orientation.


Слайд 8

The feature of the Australian colleges consists in that students go across from one program to other without examinations. Also between separate colleges and universities there are the special agreements, in accordance with that students that made off a college can be reckoned on the 2th course of university. Australian International College of Language


Слайд 9: Australian University

The high level of the Australian Universities is well known in the world. Australian diplomas confess in all countries and are very prestige. A special of the Australian system of higher educational is the developed sectors of distance programs: 10 from every 100 Australian students get knowledge, not abandoning a house.


Слайд 10

There are 39 universities in Australia, two of which are private. Australian universities have o proud tradition of teaching international students. 10% of Australian university student are from other countries.


Слайд 11: prestige Australian universities

University of Sydney University of Sidney is the oldest state university in Australia. It located in Sidney, state New South Wales and after many positions included in twenty of the best universities of the world.


Слайд 12: Monash University

Monash University is a state university of Australia, located mainly in Melbourne (state Viktoria). An university was founded 1958 and named after the Australian general of times of First world war John Monash.


Слайд 13: University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is a public university in Adelaide (state South Australia). It is third the oldest universities in country.


Слайд 14: University of Tasmania

Centenary Building, Sandy Bay campus University of Tasmania is the Australian university located in Tasmania and has three campuses. It is a fourth in seniority university in Australia.


Слайд 15: University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is a state university of Australia, the oldest in the state Viktoria. The basic campus of university are placed in Parkivili, near suburb of Melbourne.


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