Презентация на тему: Present Perfect

Present Perfect
Present Perfect
Present Perfect Examples:
Signal words
Ever & never
Ever & never
Use the right signal word
Put the words in the correct order to make up sentences
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Слайд 2: Present Perfect

He,she,it +has +V 3 (V+ed) I,we,you,they +have *** V 3 – Past participle

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Слайд 3: Present Perfect Examples:

I have never been to France. I have bought a book today Has he ever been in China?

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Слайд 4: Signal words

Already yet ever never just before

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Слайд 5: already

Already  means that something happened earlier than we expected. With Present Perfect already usually goes after have or has and before the main verb or at the end of the sentence

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Слайд 6: already

Our neighbours have already cut the old tree. She has already read this book. I have been to Tokyo  already

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Слайд 7: Yet

Yet  means that something that we expected has happened or hasn't happened. Yet is used in negative statements and questions We usually put yet at the end of a sentence.

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Слайд 8: Yet

Has he arrived   yet ? They haven't eaten   yet. Have you met Judy  yet ?

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Слайд 9: Ever & never

The adverbs  ever   and  never   express the idea of an unidentified time  before now I have  never   visited Germany 'Ever' is used 1) in questions. Have you  ever   been to England? 2) in negative questions Haven't you   ever   eaten Chinese food?

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Слайд 10: Ever & never

BE CAREFUL! You must not use  never  and  not  together: I haven't never been to Italy. I have   never   been to Italy.

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Слайд 11: Just

We use  JUST   to talk about actions that happened  resently. Dan and Kelly have just had a baby girl" (it means the baby was born a few days ago)

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Слайд 12: Before

We use before to talk about actions that happened some times ago but nobody know when actually I hav e seen it before.

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Слайд 13: Use the right signal word

I have____eaten mice for breakfast Have you___been on the Moon? Tom hasn’t become a wizard___ When are you going to call your sister? - I have _______called her 'Would you like something to eat?' 'No,  thanks. I have___ had  lunch.'

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Последний слайд презентации: Present Perfect: Put the words in the correct order to make up sentences

you/arrived/just/have? hasn’t/she/yet/packed/suitcase/her. have/I/to/camp/adventure/an/been/before. you/have/ever/with/characters/shaken/cartoon/hands? never/I/seen/robot/have/a.

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