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Политическая Система Австралии
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Canberra is the capital of Australia. The name of the capital of Australia is translated from the language of the local aboriginal people as «a place for meetings.» Its population is slightly more than 345 thousand people. Canberra is one of the largest cities in Australia and is located near the mountains Бриндабелла at a distance of 150 km from the East coast of Australia. The capital of Australia is located at an altitude of 550 to 700 m from the sea level. Through Canberra river Молонгло, partitioned in one of the places dam to maintain the level of water in the artificial lake Burley Griffin, located in the centre of the city.


Слайд 4: Sydney

Sydney is the largest city of the Australian continent, founded in 1788. Not won in their time a desperate struggle for the right to be called the capital, for many people it is, as before, remains the hallmark of Australia.


Слайд 5: Melbourne

Melbourne is the southernmost cultural and sports centre of Australia and is distinguished by its unique architecture. It is located on the Southeast coast of Australia, on the Yarra river. During 170 years of its existence it has managed to grow from a tiny village to one of the most populated cities in the entire Australian continent.


Слайд 6: Adelaide

Adelaide city in Australia with one of the most euphonious names. Adelaide is named in honor of the Queen - the wife of the king of great Britain and Hanover Wilhelm IV, sitting on the throne from 1830 to 1837 years


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Australia is a constitutional monarchy, with the Queen of Great Britain at its head. It consists of six states and two territories.


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The queen is represented by the Governor General, who is appointed by the Australian government. The Governor General appoints members of the Executive Council, his advisory cabinet


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The main legislative body in the country is Federal Parliament. It consists of the Queen, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The members of the Senate are elected for a six-year term. There are ten senators from each state and two from each territory in the Senate. The House of Representatives is elected by general direct vote for a three-year term. The executive power belongs to the queen and the government.


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It is headed by the Prime Minister. The ministers are chosen from members of Parliament and the Executive Council.


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There are two major political parties in Australia: the Australian Labour party and a coalition of the Liberal and the Agrarian parties. Till the 1930s Australia mostly depended upon Great Britain in its political affairs. But in 1931 Australia became fully independent from Great Britain.


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