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My adventurous journey
My andventurous journey
Top- 5
5. Rain and identical chinese streets
4. Check out
My adventurous journey
2. Where’s my passport?!
O ne big lie
Looking at all the events afterwards makes me think that I am a kind of unlucky person. I always have something wrong. At the same time I’m sure that
My adventurous journey
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Слайд 2: My andventurous journey

I have never had such an adventurous journey as Will did. I prefer planning and thinking of each step of travel. However, nothing’s perfect. I have had a lot of situations that made me nervous and required some risks. Today I would like to share these moments with you. Have fun ;) 2

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Слайд 3: Top- 5

Risky moments During my journeys 3

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Слайд 4: 5. Rain and identical chinese streets

Last summer my boyfriend and I went to China. As we live near the border with China, we went there by bus. Bus stopped in the centre of the town and everyone went separate ways. We had to find our hotel without a map and GPS. In addition, a huge rain started. We were about to get lost, while found a map of the town on the ground. Wet but not depressed we succesfully found the hotel and were safe and sound. 4

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Слайд 5: 4. Check out

On our last day in New York, we were free and could go anywhere we want and buy some souvenirs. We were going to meet at a particular time in the hotel we lived in. Me and my friend (she didn’t speak English) were first who came. The receptionist came to us and hurried us up to check out. I was only 16, had a language barrier and couldn’t speak to foreigners. That moment I forgot about this barrier and gave the receptionist a phone number of the woman who was responsible for us. This story may seem usual for you, but as for me, it was an achievement that I could talk to a foreigner and explained him everything. 5

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We went to the Bronx zoo in New York. We were said before that the zoo is located in not a very peaceful place. We enjoyed being with animals and were about to leave… And we lost one of the girls in our group. W e decided to divide into two and find the girl. After some time we got lost too. It was creepy but we managed to find each other. 6 3. Lost in ghetto

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Слайд 7: 2. Where’s my passport?!

Our flight to New York was through Zurich, Switzerland. There we were going to wait 10 hours before the plane to NY. When we were going from the one terminal to the other, I left my passport in the train. In the moment of checking-in I noticed that I didn’t have my passport with me. It was very nervous but Zurich airport workers are very kind people. They comforted me with a delicious Swiss chocolate and (thanks God) found my passport. 7 The photo before I noticed that I hadn’t had passport with me

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Слайд 8: O ne big lie

When we went to China with my boyfriend, my parents didn’t know that I was going to visit this country with him. They thought that I went there with my friend. When we came to Russia, we understood that all the secrets had revealed. I was ashamed and I am still sorry for this. 8

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Слайд 9: Looking at all the events afterwards makes me think that I am a kind of unlucky person. I always have something wrong. At the same time I’m sure that everything that happens In our lives helps us to learn from our mistakes. I’m glad that all this things happened to me


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Слайд 10

At the end of this project I would like to share a wonderful saying with you 10 The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Laozi Do not be afraid to make this step and you will find your life much more interesting than it was

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11 This is how my presentation looks like

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