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Money transfers
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Lusta Kate IBM 5-62


Слайд 2: Money transfers

cash drives it is a money transfer form on bank or post system. at structure of money transfer there are the sender, a receiver and the intermediary. the intermediary collects are certain percent for the services.


Слайд 3: Money transfers

account money transfers ( within one state ) external money transfers (money transfer between the countries)


Слайд 4: T he companies which are engaged in money transfers


Слайд 5: Money transfer on the Internet


Слайд 6: Some facts about money transfer

1. In case of money transfer it is required the documents, proving the identity 2. If a transfer is made in foreign currency, the size can't exceed 5000 dollars in days 3. You can get money transfer the return if it isn't cashed. But you must having paid the commission of 150 rubles or 45 dollars. 4. If the transferred money wasn't taken away by the receiver within 6 months, that days return to the sender account


Слайд 7: Commission payment

The average commission in Russia constitutes from 2 to 6 percent from a payment amount In Russian Post rate it is ranged from 1,5 to 5 percent In Sberbank of Russia the rate is ranged from 0 to 2 percent


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