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Medical genetic counseling
More about genetic counselling
Reasons for genetic Counselling
Aspects of genetic counselling
The process integrates:
Types of genetic disorders Needing councEl
Objective of genetic counselling
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Genetic counseling is the process of advising individuals and families affected by or at risk of genetic disorders

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Слайд 2: More about genetic counselling

Genetic counseling gives you information about how genetic conditions might affect you or your family. The genetic counselor or other healthcare professional will collect your personal and  family health history. They can use this information to determine how likely it is that you or your family member has a genetic condition.

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Слайд 3: Reasons for genetic Counselling

Based on your personal and family health history, your doctor can refer you for genetic counseling. There are different stages in your life when you might be referred for genetic counseling 1 caring for children 2 planning pregnancy Family planning and healthcare management

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Слайд 4: Aspects of genetic counselling

Arriving at specific diagnosis Practical add Estimation of risk Supportive role

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Слайд 5: The process integrates:

Interpretation of family and medical histories to assess the chance of disease occurrence or recurrence Education about inheritance, testing, management, prevention, resources Counseling to promote informed choices, adaptation to the risk or condition and support in reaching out to relatives that are also at risk

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Слайд 6: Types of genetic disorders Needing councEl

Chromosomal disorder Monogenic disorder Polygenic disorder Mitochondrial disorder

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Слайд 7: Objective of genetic counselling

The goal is never to make a decision  for  the couple, whose familial, social, moral and religious situation is  different  from that of the counselor, but rather to provide them with the objective information which will allow them to make their own informed decisions.

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