Презентация на тему: Maslenitsa

Н istory of Maslenitsa
D ays of the week of Maslenitsa
Features of the ritual of burning the effigy of winter on Shrovetide
Proverbs and sayings on Maslenitsa
Congratulations on Maslenitsa
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Слайд 3: Н istory of Maslenitsa

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Слайд 4: D ays of the week of Maslenitsa

Monday-meeting Tuesday-games played Wednesday-A Treat Thursday-Rampant, wide Thursday Friday-Mother-in-law's Evenings Saturday- Zolovkina gatherings Sunday-Forgiven Sunday

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Слайд 5: Features of the ritual of burning the effigy of winter on Shrovetide

As an effigy, which is sacrificed, a large funny and at the same time terrible doll was made, personifying Maslenitsa. They made a doll out of rags and straw. After that, she was dressed up in women's clothing and left on the main street of the village during Shrovetide Week. And on Sunday, they were solemnly carried outside the village. There the effigy was burned, drowned in an ice-hole, or torn to pieces, and the straw left over from it was scattered over the field. The ritual burning of the doll had a deep meaning: to destroy the symbol of winter is necessary for the resurrection of its power in the spring.

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Слайд 6: Proverbs and sayings on Maslenitsa

Not everything is Shrovetide for a cat, and there is also Great Lent. Not life and life, but Shrovetide We will pay homage to the cheese on Sunday. Feast and walk, Baba, on Shrovetide, and remember about the fast without butter Thirty brothers sister, forty grandmothers granddaughter, three mothers daughter Butter At least with yourself all pawn, and spend Shrovetide So that you are worn out to the elbows, and eat up to the throat Sugar lips, sweet speech, red.

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Последний слайд презентации: Maslenitsa: Congratulations on Maslenitsa

Let Shrovetide bring Good luck and prosperity, Lots of love, lots of income, To make every moment very sweet! Have fun, everyone, So that the joy will come to you soon, Let happiness fly like a bird, To make your heart feel warmer!

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