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Lotus Temple
Lotus Temple
Worship service
Lotus Temple
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Слайд 2: Lotus Temple

The Lotus Temple is one of the main temples of India and neighboring countries, built in 1986. Located in the city of New Delhi - the capital of India.

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Слайд 3: Worship service

As in all the temples of the Bahai religion, the Lotus Temple is open to people of all faiths. Bahá’í teachings state that the soul of the temple is where people of all faiths can worship God without limits. Worship service

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Слайд 4: Building

Добавить нижний колонтитул 4 Construction began near New Delhi in 1978 and was completed on December 22, 1986. The central hall - diameter is 75 meters, height is 31 meters, capacity is 1300 places. Architect Fariborb Sahba was inspired by the world famous design of the Sydney Opera House. All the temples of the Bahai faith, including the Lotus temple, are united by several architectural elements, some of which are characteristic of the sacred writings of the Bahai faith.

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Слайд 5: Building

Inspired by the lotus flower, the architect is included in the project. The 27-petal buildings of the temple are lined with marble and united in three, which gave the temple nine parties round shape. Nine doors of the Temple of the Lotus lead to the main hall with a height of about 40 meters. The hall is designed for 2500 people. The temple is faced with white marble from Penteli Mountain in Greece. Of the other Baha'i temples, faith was built from similar marble. The territory of the temple, which includes the building of the temple and garden, has an area of 10.5 hectares.

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Слайд 6: Tourism

The Lotus Temple in India is visited by more than 10,000 people every day. Due to its magnificence and originality, this temple has received a huge number of awards in the field of architecture. He was called the "flower" of the architecture of India.

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Слайд 7: Architecture

The “petals” are arranged in three rows and are made of white concrete, and the outside are lined with white marble slabs. The inner row forms the arch of the building and resembles an untapped flower bud. The temple is surrounded by nine pools, creating the impression that the building, like a lotus flower, stands on the water.

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Слайд 8: Plan

The temple has a unique system of "natural ventilation. Thanks to the open apertures at the base of the building and on its top, the warm air from the central hall comes out through the hole in the dome, and cool air, passing through the pools with water and the foundation, enters the hall, maintaining an acceptable temperature inside.

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