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When it was invented ?
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Слайд 2: Inventor

Michael Stern Hart (March 8, 1947 - September 6, 2011) - American author, inventor of e-books and founder of Project Gutenberg, which made e-books freely available over the Internet.

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Слайд 3: When it was invented ?

In 1971, the American writer and founder of digital books, Michael Stern Hart, invented and created an e-book. The first text information on an electronic medium is considered to be the historical document "The Declaration of Independence of the United States". And the digitization of the document happened quite by accident: in his student years, Mike had the opportunity to use a large Xerox Sigma V computer, without wasting time, he decided to expand the boundaries of important paper with the help of electronics. After transferring several more books to electronic media, Michael Hart began working on the already well-known project Gutenberg. The main goal of the participants of the initiative program was to create an electronic library and expand its capabilities. A good start of the project gave the desired results: many books were digitized in the universal electronic library, some of them were entered by M. Hart himself ( in 2005, the electronic resource contained more than 17,000 electronic materials).

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The device for displaying text information was first invented and invented by the American computer company DEC. Already in 1996, the first electronic mechanism "DEC Lectrice", which means " reader"in French, was presented to the public. From the outside, the device looked like a miniature tablet device with an iron case and a keypad. Due to the high cost of the first highly specialized e-book did not deserve a stir among the audience and was not transferred to mass production. In other words, the mechanism did not meet the manufacturer's expectations. A few years later, the first model of an e-book, the release of which was put on stream, became devices with an LCD screen - their production was simultaneously engaged in NuvoMedia Softbook Press. Until 2007, the mechanisms were not very popular among readers, but after the advent of the “electronic paper " technology, the situation on the market changed dramatically. Thanks to this technology, the text on the display has become more readable and not so bright First prototypes

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The structure of e-books uses ARM processors, originally the part was designed for smartphones and tablets. The operating systems of the devices are based on the Linux kernel. The main screen of e-books is designed in such a way that the user's attention will be focused only on reading. In addition, with the help of modern media, you can not only read text, but also watch photos, download and listen to music, and even play simple games. The displays of modern book readers are of two types: E-Ink Pear and LED - display. Among themselves, they differ in color display and brightness. The pages on the E-Ink Pear screen have a yellowish tint, similar to the newspaper format. And the picture on the LED display is displayed more vividly and on a white background. For those who like not only to read, but also to look through pictures or watch videos on the book reader, devices with LED technology are more suitable. H ow it works ?

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In the modern world, an electronic device for storing a large amount of information has gained popularity among literature lovers. An e-book allows the user to always have important and necessary information at hand, and a compact device does not take up much space. One mechanism holds hundreds of books, and the device's memory can be expanded if desired. And with the help of electronic markers and other tools, you can mark important phrases and leave a bookmark on the stopped page. Anyone can master book readers, a simple interface and a simple process of uploading documents will not require much time and labor. Advantages

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