Презентация на тему: Individual and team sports in the UK !

Individual and team sports in the UK !
Individual sports
Team sport
The Contribution Of The UK
The most popular sport in the UK
Historical edit
Historical edit
Historical edit
Т he role of sport in the country's culture.
Interesting facts about sports
Interesting facts about sports
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Слайд 2: Sport

Sport is an integral part of physical culture, in which the main focus is on the physical development of a person, strengthening his health and well-being. A special feature of sports is competition, the desire to win and achieve high results, participation in competitions.

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Слайд 3: Individual sports

The most popular individual sports include, first of all, swimming, athletics, rhythmic gymnastics, Boxing, tennis, various martial arts (karate, wrestling), skiing and chess.

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Слайд 4: Team sport

A team sport is a historically formed sport based on a competition between two or more organized groups of athletes consisting of a certain number of participants.

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Слайд 5: The Contribution Of The UK

The UK has spawned a number of major international sports, including: football, Rugby, cricket, Golf, tennis, badminton, squash, water Polo, Boxing, snooker, Darts, Billiards and Curling.

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Слайд 6: The most popular sport in the UK

FOOTBALL! It is played regardless of gender, skin color, or age. Since time immemorial, in the time of our distant ancestors, there were analogues of modern football, but it was in 1863, in England, that the world's first football Association was formed.

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Слайд 7: Historical edit

The British gave pride of place to such moral issues as sporting rivalry and fair play. Cricket became a symbol of the Imperial spirit throughout the Empire. Football has proved very attractive to the urban working classes, who are introduced to the noisy spectator in the sporting world.

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Слайд 8: Historical edit

In some sports, there has been significant controversy in the fight for Amateur purity especially in Rugby and rowing. New games became popular almost overnight, including Golf, lawn tennis, Cycling, and hockey. Hunting, shooting, fishing, and horse racing were popular among the aristocracy and landowners.

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Слайд 9: Historical edit

Cricket became established among the English upper class in the 18th century, and was a major factor in athletic competition among state schools. The Empire's army units encouraged locals to learn cricket so they could have some entertaining competition. Most of the Empire adopted cricket, with the exception of Canada.

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Слайд 10: Т he role of sport in the country's culture

Great Britain is the birthplace of many modern sports. The British have long been distinguished by an increased interest in sports, competition, fair play, and reasonable rules. Most modern Britons are passionate about sports to one degree or another: some play, others are passionately ill, there are almost no indifferent people.

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Слайд 11: Interesting facts about sports

According to the standards of the International Olympic Committee, the water temperature in Olympic pools should be between 27 and 28 degrees Celsius. There are 170,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 paths to play in the first ten moves of chess. Brazil is the only country that has participated in all the football world cups.

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Слайд 12: Interesting facts about sports

The five Olympic rings symbolize the unity of the five continents, although none of them is a symbol of any particular continent. The colors of the rings-blue, red, yellow, green, black - were chosen as the most common on the flags of the countries of the world. The most popular sport in cinema is Boxing. The weight of a table tennis ball is 2.5 grams.

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