Презентация на тему: Immunization in children

Immunization in children
Contraindication of immunization
Which is ideal vaccine
Report immediately if…
Nurses responsibility
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Первый слайд презентации: Immunization in children

Nikhil Mistry 17ll(3)a Medical law

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Слайд 2: Objectives

Define immunization Describe ideal vaccine List the national immunization schedule Enumarate contraindication of immunization Explain the conditions States the responsibility of nurses

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Слайд 3: immunization

It is the way of protecting the human body against infectious disease through vaccination by different route it may oral or paraenteral.

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Слайд 4: Schedule

Year Vaccine At birth BCG, OPV0, HBV0 6 th week DTP1, OPV1, HBV1 10 th week DTP2, OPV2, HBV2 14 th week DTP3, OPV3, HBV3 9 th month MEASELS, VIT A 15 th month MMR, OPV 16-24 month OPV, VIT A2

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Слайд 5: Contraindication of immunization

Child has a high fever He has had a bad reaction to another immunization He has had a severe reactions after eating eggs Hypersensitivity Having treatment of cancer He has any illness which affects immune system

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Слайд 6: Which is ideal vaccine

Promotes effective immunity Controls lifelong protection Safe, do not carry side effects Stable, cheap Acceptable by public

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Слайд 7: Report immediately if…

High fever Local infection Pus at site Seizures Hypersensitivity Redness on skin

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Слайд 8: Nurses responsibility

Providing immunization to all children Using safe injection practice Involving community leaders to attract people for immunization Collaborating with school Home visit and follow up of immunized children

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Последний слайд презентации: Immunization in children: conclusion

Immunization which is considered by world is to protecting children from various disease and infections. Immunization is neccessary for children’s better and healthy life.

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