Costa Rica
Norwegian Fjords
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Ecotourism and nature

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2 Ecotourism can be defined as “tourism to places that is designed to the protection of the environment or at least minimise damage to it, often involving travel to areas of natural interest in developing countries or participation in environmental projects”. ECOTOURISM

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Слайд 3: Costa Rica

3 Costa Rica is practically synonymous with the term “ecotourism,” and for good reason. Misty cloud forests, black sand beaches, thick rain forests and rushing river rapids offer outdoor activities for active travelers and nature enthusiasts. A dazzling array of creatures, including monkeys, sloths, crocodiles, jaguars, sea turtles and poison dart frogs, live in Costa Rica’s many national parks. Costa Rica is widely known for its proliferation of wildlife refuges and the diversity of its animals and plants. Costa Rica

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Слайд 4: Palau

4 Long before it was featured on the 10th season of “Survivor,” the island nation of Palau was recognized as one of the world’s foremost diving destinations. In the crystal-clear sea just off the coast is a colorful underwater wonderland, featuring more than 500 species of coral teeming with some 1,400 kinds of fish. On land, travelers can wander along unspoiled beaches or go trekking through dense jungles. Palau’s remote location in the westernmost corner of Micronesia has helped to shield both its natural resources and its cultural traditions from the detrimental effects of mass tourism, and the locals are working to make sure their island paradise stays pristine well into the future. About 460 miles of reefs and lagoon waters are dedicated no-fishing zones, which has allowed many endangered species of fish to repopulate the area. The Palau Conservation Society manages nearly two dozen conservation areas and encourages sustainable development to protect the islands’ fragile ecosystems. Palau

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5 Their remote location and strict environmental regulations have helped preserve the pristine beauty of Norway’s famous fjords, with their snowcapped mountains, tumbling waterfalls and crystal-clear waters. Visitors can go hiking or biking over the rugged terrain, or take a scenic boat ride through the towering fjords. A wide variety of wildlife lives here, including eagles, seals, porpoises and seabirds. Along with the region’s natural attractions, the fjords are also home to many small fishing villages where local cultural traditions have survived for hundreds of years. As an international leader in environmental policy, Norway has taken care to protect its unique coastline by regulating the fishing, whaling, sealing and petroleum industries. Norwegian Fjords

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