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Globalization Globalization Globalization Integration of Economies G rowth of inequality Increasing the level of difficulty What can we do? Thank you
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B y Kuznetsova Ekaterina


Слайд 2

Definition: An economic phenomenon? A social phenomenon? A cultural phenomenon? The movement towards the expansion of economic and social ties between countries through the spread of corporate institutions and the capitalist philosophy that leads to the shrinking of the world in economic terms.


Слайд 3

Globalization can involve all these things


Слайд 4: Integration of Economies

The increasing reliance of economies on each other The opportunities to be able to buy and sell in any country in the world The opportunities for labour and capital to locate anywhere in the world The growth of global markets in finance


Слайд 5: G rowth of inequality


Слайд 6: Increasing the level of difficulty

- World become more instable Technology Communication networks Internet access


Слайд 7: What can we do?

Accountability of Global businesses? Increased gap between rich and poor fuels potential terrorist reaction Ethical responsibility of business? Efforts to remove trade barriers


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