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General Working Plan:
Peaceful Warrior 2006 Drama, Romance, Sport
A few facts about Peaceful Warrior
Peaceful Warrior /Vocabulary (1)
Peaceful Warrior /Vocabulary (2)
Peaceful Warrior /Vocabulary (3)
Peaceful Warrior /Vocabulary (4)
Peaceful Warrior /Vocabulary (5)
Peaceful Warrior /Vocabulary (6)
Peaceful Warrior /Vocabulary (8)
Peaceful Warrior /Vocabulary (9)
Peaceful Warrior /Vocabulary (10)
Topics to discuss : in pairs
Thank you for your attention and input!
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1. Getting acquainted 2. A few facts about the film & it’s background 3. Vocabulary list and expressions (~ 50) 4. Time to watch: ~ 2 hrs 5. Discussion, rating & feedback on the meeting

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Слайд 2: Peaceful Warrior 2006 Drama, Romance, Sport

Director:  Victor Salva Writers:  Kevin Bernhardt (screenplay), Dan Millman  (novel) Stars:  Scott Mechlowicz, Nick Nolte, Amy Smart Rating: 7.3 / 10

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Слайд 3: A few facts about Peaceful Warrior

The film is based on a true story of D. Millman, and this is the story of moral courage Director Victor Salva first became familiar with the work while in prison for child molestation. He credits the original story as "a story that changed my life". In the opening dream sequence, Dan is wearing a uniform with the traditional UC Berkeley colors (blue and gold) and the script Cal logo. The opposing team wears red, the color of Stanford, Cal's arch rival since the late 19th century. When Dan Millman is seen lying on top of the old car outside of the gas station, the letters "SM" are spelled out on the top of the car with rocks which are the initials for the actor who plays him (Scott Mechlowicz ). In the crash sequence, all of the car's windows remain intact. Yet Dan lands in a shower of safety glass chunks. Dan Millman : the author of the book on which the film is based, can be glimpsed for a brief moment as the driver of the car at the gas station when Dan exercises for the first time after his motorcycle crash. The film was a financial failure. However later on it became extremely popular and iconic all over the world

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Слайд 4: Peaceful Warrior /Vocabulary (1)

1) Thanks for stopping by —  phrasal verb  with stop: to go into a place for a short time when you are going somewhere else E.g. He stopped by the office to drop off a copy of the contract 2) Punch hard - a forceful hit with a fist  (= closed hand). E.g. She  gave  him a punch  on  the nose. ALSO: punch - the power to be interesting and have a strong effect on people E.g. I felt the performance/ speech/ presentation  lacked  punch. 3) …You might make it through all the qualifiers - a team/ person who has won part of a competition and is competing in the next part of it E.g. The qualifiers from the first round will advance to the quarter final. ALSO: a game from which the winner will go on to compete in the next part of a competition E.g. Belgium and Italy are playing in tonight's qualifier. 4) Three consecutive flips before he dismounts - If you flip smth, you turn it over quickly one or more times E.g. I flipped the book (over)  to look at the back cover. Dismount - to get off a horse, bicycle, or motorcycle

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Слайд 5: Peaceful Warrior /Vocabulary (2)

5) Thinks it's gonna make him lord of the rings – can you explain? 6) Only, with Middleman, it's where he tries to tear both arms out of their sockets – TEAR - t o pull/be pulled apart, or to pull pieces off E.g. You have to be very careful with books this old because the paper tears very easily. Socket - the part of a piece of equipment, esp. electrical equipment, into which another part fits E.g. an electrical socket 7) just 'cause you're pretty and can do a handstand - an action in which you balance vertically on your hands with your legs pointing straight up in the air 8) I've got footage of your competition you need to see again – do you know? Explain the meaning. 9) No human can make a vertical leap over four or five feet, tops – to make a large jump/ sudden movement, usually from one place to another E.g. He leaped out of his car and ran towards the house.

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Слайд 6: Peaceful Warrior /Vocabulary (3)

10) They vaulted over bulls – related to or having a vault E.g. a vaulted ceiling Vault - to jump over smth by first putting your hands on it or by using a pole E.g. He vaulted  over  the gate. 11) I am a heartbeat away from qualifying – can you explain the meaning? 12) You're a freak. And I don’t need you freaking me out – phrasal verb - to become/ cause someone to become extremely emotional E.g. He freaked out when he heard he'd got the job. This song just freaks me out whenever I hear it. 13) Did I pick up that maybe you and Dory hooked up the other night? – infml to meet or begin to work with another person or other people ALSO: to begin a romantic /sexual relationship with someone E.g. When did you two first hook up? 14) He’s pissed at you, all right? – slang: annoyed E.g. He's  gonna  be pissed when he finds out what happened 15) That's why I'd say your eating is sloppy - very wet or liquid, often in a way that is unpleasant E.g. The batter was a bit sloppy so I added some more flour

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Слайд 7: Peaceful Warrior /Vocabulary (4)

17) Someone who performs a well-practiced stunt or two - an exciting and often dangerous act, usually performed for use in a movie by someone specially trained stunt  noun  [C]  (ACTIVITY) ALSO: smth done mainly to attract attention E.g. This was not just some publicity stunt. 18) It could be a sprain - to cause an injury to a joint (= a  place  where two bones are connected) by a sudden movement E.g. She sprained her ankle playing squash. He stumbled and sprained a knee 19) Toss me that wrench – to pull and & twist smth suddenly/ violently way from its position E.g. The photographer tripped over the cord, wrenching a microphone from its stand. The phone had been wrenched from/off the wall 20) Did you notice how the right leverage can be very effective? – Lever - the action or advantage of using a lever E.g. Using ropes and wooden poles for leverage, they haul sacks of cement up the track Lever - a bar/ handle that moves around a fixed point, so that one end of it can be pushed/ pulled in order to control the operation of a machine or move a heavy/ stiff object

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Слайд 8: Peaceful Warrior /Vocabulary (5)

21) Developing the wisdom to apply the right leverage – can you explain? 22) I'm going to pommel horse try-outs - the usually rounded part that sticks up at the front of a saddle (= seat for sitting on a horse) 23) We want you out of your mind, too, Dan – can you explain the meaning? 24) Some kind of martial arts move? - a sport that is a traditional Japanese or Chinese form of fighting or defending yourself E.g. Kung fu and karate are martial arts. 25) You know I'm superstitious, Coach. I gotta go last – based on or believing in superstitions (= beliefs based on old ideas about luck and magic rather than  science or reason): E.g. superstitious nonsense 26) And I was flawless - perfect or without mistakes E.g. a flawless complexion; a flawless performance 27) You are in the past. Gloating – feeling/ expressing great pleasure or satisfaction because of your own success or good luck, or someone else's failure or bad luck E.g. The gloating expression in his eyes had been replaced by curiosity

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Слайд 9: Peaceful Warrior /Vocabulary (6)

28) Coach thinks I'm worthless - can you explain the meaning? 29) I'm tired, I'm hungry and I'm horny - sexually excited E.g. She'd had a couple of drinks and was feeling horny. 30) Your leg did not just break. It shattered - broken into very small pieces E.g. Shattered glass lay all over the road 31) You fractured your femur in 17 different pieces - the long bone of leg 32) Looks like you're bulked up in the shoulders a little - to make your body bigger and heavier, esp. by gaining more muscle 33) That's pretty much all I can do right now, presses and curls – can you show? 34) I already petitioned the Olympic Committee - to make a formal request for something, esp. in a law court 35) I don't hear from you until you have an insight worth sharing - can you explain the meaning?

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Слайд 10: Peaceful Warrior /Vocabulary (8)

36) Anger, hatred, violence, they're really all just fear – do you know? 37) All you need to do is be conscious about your choices and responsible for your actions - awake, thinking, and knowing what is happening around you E.g. He's still conscious but he's very badly injured 38) You mean maybe I made you up ? - to forgive someone and be friendly with them again after an argument or disagreement E.g. They kissed and made up, as usual 39) We can ramp this up a little, tough guy - to increase the speed, power, or cost of smth ; to increase activity or the level of something 40) Instead, we're probably gonna get picked up for indecent exposure - the act of showing the sexual organs in public in a way that is intended to upset people 41) You could have laid out every single one of those guys – can you guess the meaning?

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Слайд 11: Peaceful Warrior /Vocabulary (9)

42) No cane, no crutches – Cane - a long, thin stick used in the past as a school punishment. Crutches - a stick with a piece that fits under the arm, that you lean on for support if you have difficulty in walking because of a foot/leg injury. 43) Get the paddles - a short pole with a wide, flat part at one end or both ends, used for moving a small boat or canoe through the water 44) I was sloppy with my life - not taking care or making an effort. Can you elaborate/ extend this? 45) Take it (sword) up here and cut the mind to ribbons - to destroy or badly damage smth or someone by cutting/ tearing it, him, or her many times. E.g. Our new kitten has torn the living room curtains to ribbons 46) He (warrior) is about absolute vulnerability - the quality of being vulnerable (= able to be easily hurt, influenced, or attacked), or smth that is vulnerable E.g. You want a doctor who understands the patient's vulnerability 47) Make this a threesome ? – do you know?

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Слайд 12: Peaceful Warrior /Vocabulary (10)

48) The Olympic Committee voted on your request for a special dispensation to compete in the qualifiers - special permission to do smth that is not usually allowed E.g. The couple have requested special dispensation from the Church to allow them to marry 49) You don't surrender your dreams, Dan - to stop fighting and admit defeat E.g. They would rather die than surrender (to the invaders). 50) Chasing gold? - to hurry after someone or smth in order to catch him/ her or it E.g. The police car was going so fast it must have been chasing someone. 51) Nearly all of humanity shares your predicament, Dan – an unpleasant situation that is difficult to get out of 52) The competition is fierce this year – do you know? 53) No triple flips, no showboating - a slightly annoying form of behaviour, esp. in sport, that is intended to attract attention because it is very skilful 54) Now, Dan is quite the wild card - a playing card that does not have any particular value but that can be used to represent any other card.

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Слайд 13: Topics to discuss : in pairs

1) What was the reason why the film was a financial failure at first, but became very famous later on? 2) Do you believe in spiritual awakening? What is it, in your viewpoint? Have you ever experienced it? 3) What can you say about positive thinking, does it really work? 4) Comment on the title of the story. Suggest your own title. 5) Knowledge is not the same as wisdom. What’s the difference? 6) Does life have any rules? What are yours, if any?

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Stay strong and keep moving forward!

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