Презентация на тему: Food and Shopping

Food and Shopping
Have you ever eaten mashed potato?
grilled chicken
fried fish
boiled eggs
fried potato with mushrooms
pickled cucumbers
steamed vegetables
roast turkey
Answer the questions:
We can buy
Ex. 2,p.28
Конюшенный рынок в Лондоне
What can you see there?
What items can they buy here?
Home task / Домашнее задание:
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Module 2 Listening and Speaking The 8 th Form

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Слайд 2: Have you ever eaten mashed potato?

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Слайд 3: grilled chicken

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Слайд 4: fried fish

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Слайд 5: boiled eggs

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Слайд 6: fried potato with mushrooms

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Слайд 7: pickled cucumbers

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Слайд 8: steamed vegetables

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Слайд 9: roast turkey

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Слайд 10: Answer the questions:

-Where did you eat it? -Can you cook (bake), steam vegetables? -Has your mum(dad) ever cooked roast meat,fried fish, fried potatoes with mushrooms? -Did you like it?

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Слайд 11: We can buy

- What was the last thing bought for yourself? -Where did you buy it? -Why did you buy it? - Which store do you go to the most often? Why do you like go there? -Do you often buy products that advertised on TV? If so, what was the last item that you bought?

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Слайд 12: Ex. 2,p.28

You can see lots of people who are shopping or just watching. I guess it’s really noisy here. The weather must be warm because they are wearing light clothes, such as T-shirts and shorts. The stores are selling closes, souvenirs, books and toys. The flea market is probably somewhere in the city centre because I can see tall buildings on the background.

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Слайд 13: Конюшенный рынок в Лондоне

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Слайд 14: What can you see there?

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Слайд 15: What items can they buy here?

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