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Events Calendar 2019
Events Calendar 2019
Summer - June
Summer - June
Summer - July
Summer – July - August
Summer - Augus t
Summer - August
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Autumn Spring Summer Winter

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Слайд 3: Spring

Event dates Name Description Location Organizations Level 17 th of March “ Yntymak ” festival The festival program includes Taigan dog show, propaganda of purebred breeding of Taigan hunting dogs and Golden Eagle s (experience exchange). Chuy region, Chuy – Tokmok, Sovetskoe village «Sanat-Kumai», Public association «Kyrgyz Jash Kyuch» Coordinator p. +996 555 756564 International 21 st of March Nooruz Tradition of preparing national dish of sumolok on the day of the spring equinox, local governments would organize concerts and small national sport competitions. Bishkek, All regions of KR Regional representative bodies Governmental 21-24 th of March “Nooruz” Festival I n honor of the Nooruz holiday t he event exhibits works of local artisans with the most authentic and popular types of their products. Bishkek Coordinator - Chochunbaeva Dinara p. +996 555 933375 International

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Слайд 4: Spring

Event dates Name Description Location Organizations Level 24 th of March- 7 th of April “Creative Industry in Crafts” The new project "Creative Industry in Crafts" will be held in the framework of the cultural revolution. The event will present the most creative ideas in the field of art, tourism and culture All regions of KR Coordinator - Chochunbaeva Dinara p. +996 555 933375 Within Kyrgyz Republic 12 th of April 1 th of May Aigul Fest Mountain biking competitions CBT Arslanbob Promotion of multicultural and national unity of youth, accumulation of youth initiatives on friendship and harmony, strengthening of relationships between different nationalities living in Kyrgyzstan Competitions for mountain biking. Batken region V/ Arslanbob Djajal -Abad region p. +996 773 381527 +996 3622 50012 p. +996 777342476 p. +996 777342476 Governmental Regional 18-19 th of May Summer season opening International Tourism Fair «Issyk-Kul International Tourism Fair and Exhibition» The purpose of the event is to establish business connections between the tourism industries of various countries, as well as to attract a significant number of foreign tourists for recreational and rehabilitation purposes in the region. « Sports and fitness complex » с. Cholpon – Ata Department of Tourism of the Kyrgyz Republic International

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Слайд 5: Summer - June

Event dates Name Description Location Organizations Level 1 st of June “ Joo-Guluk ” Tushoo Toi festival Annual festival. Festival program: 10K marathon, starting from the center of Bokonbaevo village to the coastal zone of Manzhyly-Ata Bokonbaevo village and coastal zone of Manzhyly-Ata TPSA «Bokonbaevo-Manjyly», Bakyt Choitonbaev. P. +996 700 267795, +996 778 267795 Regional 1 st of June «King of the Mountain» - uphill events and health fair The purpose of the event is to promot e a healthy lifestyle in the family. Competition p articipants must get to the top of the mountain first, in the shortest time possible. Chunkurchak ski base Public association «Cycling Embassy of Kyrgyzstan», Event association «BOOM Studio», «Run the Silk Road» marathon and «Chunkurchak» Skiing resort p. +996 558 586898 International 28 th of June « Kymyz » Festival The goal of the event is to praise the generosity of Kyrgyz people and treat guests with the traditional drink ‘ Kymyz ’, a nd also to familiarize them with the therapeutic properties of this drink. Naryn region, Kochkor district Public administration of the Kochkor District. Responsible officer: Sadykova Elmira P. +996 700 021717 Regional

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Слайд 6: Summer - June

Event dates Name Description Location Organizations Level 13-14 th of June « Tengri music » music festival The main goal is to develop event tourism in the Kyrgyz Republic, the infrastructure of the area, the formation of an attractive area image, and to attract tourists. Hippodrome in Cholpon -Ata, « Nomad» amphitheater, « Ruh Ordo » Coordinator Yurtaeva Victoria p. +996 770 787674 International 22 nd of June « Kurak jana terme » Festival The festival is dedicated to Kurak – traditional name that is given to various types of products that are made from shreds sewn together (patchwork). Kara-Alma Conservation Area, Jalal-Abad region СВТ Jalal-Abad, P : +996 3722 21962, +996 772 376602 (mobile) Coordinator - Ruhsora Abdullaeva Regional 28-29 th of June “ Kyrgyz Shyrdak » international festival The goal is to pass on the heritage from the ancestors, preserve intangible cultural values, develop the Shyrdak craft, involve the next generation of young people in the field of crafts and prepare new young craftsmen for the next festival Naryn region, At-Bashy district, Koshoy Stadium At-Bashy State Administration, «Altyn Choichok Uzdary» association, regional office. Responsible officer: Jarkyn Ibraeva P. +996 555 300400 International 28-30 th of June “Kol Fest” Central Asian music and arts festival The Festival will be held o n the southern coast of Issyk-Kul lake. This large-scale event would involve t hree days of creative art and interactive activities.. S outhern coast of Issyk-Kul lake, Bokonbaevo village «Be travel» LLC. Batyrbekov Chyngyz p. +996 556331106 International

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Слайд 7: Summer - July

Event dates Name Description Location Organizations Level 2 th of July 13 th of July Agro Fest Festival “ Bugu Ene ” Folk show, pet exhibition, Kyrgyz national games, wool exhibition, national dishes, Horse games. In order to develop and preserve the heritage of the traditions of the Kyrgyz people (handicrafts, traditions, customs, national cuisine, national games Yurt camp « Zhaichy » Issyk-Kul region Animal shelter « Bugu Ene » Naryn State Reserve, Naryn District, Naryn region p.+996 553 622962 +996 557 556455 p. +996  0551957957 p. +996  0701957957 Regional International 14 th of July Festival of the national dishes At the festival visitors could learn how to cook traditional Uzbek dishes (kocho-pepel, gul-manti and kattama), and also to try those dishes Kyrgyzstan, Jalal-Abad region, Jalal-Abad city, Sovetskaya str., 3A СВТ Jalal-Abad, P: +996 3722 21962, +996 772 376602 (mobile) Coordinator - Ruhsora Abdullaeva Regional 15 th of July Ethno-festival “Teskey Jeek” Program of the ethno-festival: - the show " Salbuurun "; - ethno-sport games; - yurt construction competition; - folklore program; - traditional equestrian games, Kok-Boru, Kyz Kuumai ; Territories of the Ton district Head : Jyldyz Asanakunova P. +996 777347419 International 20 nd of July “Mountain Travel” Festival Festival includes national games such as Ulak-tartysh, Kyz-Kuumai, Tyiyn-Enmey, Er-Enish and others. The festival also organizes folklore shows and traditional Kyrgyz cuisine fair. Lenin’s Peak Mountaineers Base Camp TPSA Sary-Mogol Abdilla Tashbekov P. +996 556 092627 International

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Слайд 8: Summer – July - August

Event dates Name Description Location Organizations Level 25 th of July Eco-cultural event "Köl-Ene" Program: - a drawing contest among local schools pupils on the topic “Kol-Ene”; - Thanksgiving for water; - Сleaning of the coastal zone. Coastal zone of Manzhyly -Ata TPSA « Bokonbaevo-Manjyly », Bakyt Choitonbaev. P. +996 700 267795, +996 778 267795 Regional 25 th of July National horse games Festival Those fascinating, traditional horse-riding games will take place o n the high-mountain pasture s of the Son-Kul lake, including : ulak-tartysh, kyz-kumay, tyiyn-enmey, and er-enish. Naryn region, Son-Kul lake TPSA Kochkor Bekbolot Builashev +996 777 265559 +996 3535 51114 International 28 th of July National horse games Festival Traditional horse-riding competitions in Ulak-tartysh, Kyz-Kuumai, Tyin-enmey and er-enish. Kyzyl-Oi village, Suusamyr village administration (aiyl okmotu) Artyk Kulubaev P.: +996 312 464785, + 996 555 417847 International 26-29 th of July 31 st of July– 4 th of August International “ Oimo ” festival Artisans from different countries exhibit their products at the stalls of the Handicraft s Fair, which continues traditions of the Silk Road. Bishkek, a square near «Ala-Too» movie theatre, National Museum of Fine Arts named after Gapar Aitiev Cholpon – Ata, central town square, across Eco centre Koshoeva Meer +996 555 960577 International

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Слайд 9: Summer - Augus t

Event dates Name Description Location Organizations Level 3 rd of August “ Karagat Fest” The purpose of the festival is to promote berries and fruits growing in the Issyk-Kul region on the local and foreign markets. The festival program includes a festive parade of berries, farmers fair, an exhibition of technical equipment, workshops, competitions and a concert program. “ Avep ” NGO, Temirovka village, Issyk-Kul region Coordinator Jasoolov Daniyar +996779357999 International 3 rd - of August 4 rd - of August « Kyzyl Oruk » apricot festival « Manjyly -Ata » Fest The festival demonstrates the desire of local farmers to unite and seek for growth opportunities on the new markets. The goal is to promote and popularize the uniqueness of the apricot of the southern coast of Issyk-Kul region Development of ethno-tourism, honoring and preserving the biocultural heritage of ancestors « Kekilik » beach, Ton village Юрточный городок « Манжылы-Ата » С.Боконбаво TPSA « Bokonbaevo-Manjyly », Bakyt Choitonbaev. P. +996 700 267795, +996 778 267795 TPSA « Bokonbaevo-Manjyly », Bakyt Choitonbaev. P. +996 700 267795, +996 778 267795 Regional Regional 3 rd -4 th of August Mountaineering in the Pamir (Lenin’s Peak) Festival National games, artists performances, climbing, trekking, downhill skiing, walking, riding on horseback and yaks. Osh region, Achyk-Tash tract P. +996 312 651221 Within Kyrgyz Republic 10 th of August «Birds of Prey – Bokonbaevo” Festival Program includes: - exhibition of the birds of prey, - craftsmen fair; - national games with tourists; - folklore program; - yurt construction competition; "Zhaychy" Yurt camp Kok-Sai village СВТ - Bokonbaevo Coordinator Saltanat Kadyrkulova, +996 779 455045 International

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Слайд 10: Summer - August

Event dates Name Description Location Organizations Level 17 th of August Osh Fest The culture of the Kyrgyz and Uzbek cuisines, local handicrafts, cultures of various ethnic groups of the area, showcase of the ancient caravan passing through Osh on its way along the Silk Road. City of Osh, Park named after Toktogul Satylganov Abdullaev Atabek +996 557 190190  +996 550 339292 Regional 16-18 th of August “ Salbuurun ” International festival The festival program includes horse-riding nomad games - Tiyin Enmei and Kyz-Kuumai, competition s between Kok-Bor u teams, archery competitions and a demonstration of some elements of the traditional “ Salbuurun ” team hunt, with a group of horse-riding eagle hunters ( berkutchi ) accompanied by Kyrgyz hunting greyhounds - Taigan s. Bokonbaevo village, " Uch-Korgon " tract « Salbuurun » federation President of the Federation – Almaz Akunov +996 550 395094 International 25 th of August J-Fest Summer Presentation of summer tour istic activities - horseback riding, cycling and walking tours, accommodation in guest houses and yurt camps, folklore, Kok-Bor u, and other services. Exhibition s and master classes from craftsmen, ethnocultural folklore concert. Issyk-Kul region, Jyrgalan valley «Jyrgalan» Ibakov Emil P. +996 557 207777 International

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Слайд 11: Autumn

Event dates Name Description Location Organizations Level 16 th of September “Nukura” Festival National traditions of Kyrgyzstan, its products, demonstration of national dishes. Ethno-festival program includes: Traditional crafts and national products, Cooking master classes, Competitions in traditional games, “Too koinundagy shaar” would present a p hoto exhibition a t the Ala-Too stadium, N ational and local p roducts fair. Naryn region, Naryn city Vice Mayor of the city of Naryn S. Esenamanova, +996555 008 760 Head s pecialist N. Omu rzakov +996 700 872720 Regional 18 th of October “Alma” Festival Stimulation and improvement of the quality of apple varieties grown in the Jumgal region. Naryn region, Jumgal district State Administration, Chaek village, Responsible officer Isakova Gulbarchyn P. +996 557 574781 Regional

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Event dates Name Description Location Organizations Level 15 th of December Winter season opening The goal of the event is to promote active and healthy lifestyle among local people and to attract tourists who are interested in winter recreational activities. The event includes exciting competitions, fun relay races, small contests and gifts. Chuy region Department of Tourism of the Kyrgyz Republic Governmental 19 th of January Ski racing festival The aim of the event is to develop winter tourism in Arslanbob. The event program will include horse riding, 8K skiing, chess competitions, arm wrestling and live performances of national and Uzbek music. Jalal-Abad region, Arslanbob village СВТ « Arslanbop » +996 777342476 +996 777342476 Hayat Tarykov Regional 2 nd of February Festival "Kyrgyzstan - country of alpine skiing and winter recreation" Entertainment program, music, competitions, skiing and snowboarding. “ZIL” ski base in Chuy region Department of Tourism of the Kyrgyz Republic, Council on Development of Business and Investments under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, JICA alumni association, International Business Council, Trekking Union of Kyrgyzstan Governmental

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