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England plan History Capital City football team famous thank you for attention
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Vit Egor Ohotkin Andrew Voropaeva Arina


Слайд 2: plan

History Capital City football team Famous thank you


Слайд 3: History

The territory of modern England at the time of the invasion of Julius Caesar in 55 BC, and a century later, by the time of the capture of the Emperor Claudius, was inhabited by Celtic tribes> called Britons. As a result of the seizure of the entire southern part of the island (modern England and Wales) became part of the Roman Empire until its collapse in the fifth century BC


Слайд 4: Capital

London is the capital of the United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland.


Слайд 5: City

Cities is London, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds


Слайд 6: football team

Manchester famous for its football teams Manchester city and Manchester United"


Слайд 7: famous

Liverpool is famous for its rock group the Beatles.


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