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Eid al _ Adha Day
Project plan:
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Attitude of youth toward it:
Other aspects:
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Первый слайд презентации: Eid al Adha Day

Name: Jaafar Ramadan Group: 20 lll 1 A

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Слайд 2: Project plan:

*name and date *history of the holiday *traditions *atitude of youth toward it *Other aspects *conclusion

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Слайд 3: Name and date:

Name: Eid Al – Adha Date: on the 10th day of Dhu al- Hijjah, and lasts for four day s

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Слайд 4: History:

Eid al - Adha  commemorates when God appeared to Abraham – known as Ibrahim to Muslims – in a dream and asked him to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience. As Abraham was about to sacrifice his son, God stopped him and gave him a sheep to kill in place of his son’s place.

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Слайд 5: Traditions:

Eid ul - Adha is another important festival in the Muslim calendar.... By taking part in this festival, Muslims show that they too are prepared to sacrifice their lives for God. The festival is celebrated in the following ways: A sheep or goat may be sacrificed as a reminder of Ibrahim's obedience to Allah.

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Слайд 6: Traditions:

The day begins with morning prayers. The celebrations continue with visits to friends and family, exchange of gifts and feasts. Those who can afford it also slaughter an animal, like a cow or sheep, and share the meat with the less fortunate.

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Слайд 7: Traditions:

traditional Eid Al Adha dishes from around the world 1) Tagine from Morocco. 2) Oruk from Turkey. 3) Roast lamb popular across all Middle-Eastern countries. 4) Biryani from India. (5 Maamoul from Lebanon & Jordan

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Слайд 8: Traditions:

Many of the Muslims like to celebrate by dressing up and wearing their best clothes on Eid day and going out to meet friends and relatives, looking and smelling good.

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Слайд 9: Attitude of youth toward it:

People usually wait for this eid because it strengths their relations. They have fun during it for they meet their relatives and friends. And Muslims especially like it for it unite them all together under its name.

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Слайд 10: Other aspects:

Because the festival depends on the  sighting of the new moon, countries around the world sometimes celebrate it on different days. Eid Mubarak   and Eid Saeed are  routine greetings  used during the observance to offer best wishes.

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Последний слайд презентации: Eid al Adha Day: Conclusion:

May this Eid ul Adha bring peace,  prosperity, and happiness to you and your family! Wishing a very lovely Eid to you and your family.

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