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Dress codes Students right to free expression Sapogova Juliya Volgograd State Get ready! Reading Vocabulary Vocabulary Vocabulary Comprehension Listening Dress codes Students right to free expression Sapogova Juliya Volgograd State Views dress codes Court dress - Formal Informal - Smart casual Dress codes Students right to free expression Sapogova Juliya Volgograd State Business casual The dress code at my university
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Dress codes Students right to free expression Sapogova Juliya Volgograd State University


Слайд 2: Get ready!

Before you read the dialogue, talk about these questions: Do your university administrators impose a dress code on students? Do you think about students have a right to dress as they want?


Слайд 3: Reading

Read and translate the dialogue about the dress code in an American public high school into Russian: Key terms: Litigator –участник судебных процессов Responsibility – ответственность To institute - вводить Infringement - ущемление (прав) Parochial - приходской Restriction – ограничение Extensive – обширный Forum – форум Expression – выражение Substantially - существенно


Слайд 4: Vocabulary

2. Give the Russian equivalents for the following words and word combinations: Veteran litigator, recourse, remedy, entity, to impose, challenge, parochial, dress or hair codes, to institute, to hand down, infringement of rights, to censor, setting. 3. Give the English equivalents for the following words and word combinations: оправдывать, спорный вопрос, вмешиваться, ограничивать, требовать, ректор(университета), учебный план


Слайд 5: Vocabulary

4. Match each word or expression on the left with the correct definition on the right. Fill in the blanks in the sentences below with the words from the left column: They changed the _______________ and introduced new subject. Even in a free democracy a prisons behavior must be subject to certain_________ Who is the ___________ of your university? Don’t _______________ with my plans and my business. Last month the government __________ a new tax on cigarettes. His carelessness is a _________ to his promotion. 1. Principal a. To force on a person 2. Curriculum b. The head of a school, college or university 3. Interfere c. A course, especially of study at the school or university 4. Bar d. A rule, ets.that limits or controls 5. Restriction e. To become involved in etc.when ones help is not wanted 6. Impose f. Something which prevents


Слайд 6: Vocabulary

5. Insert the most suitable prepositions where necessary. Translate the word combinations into Russian: To institute ________ rules To impose rules _________ students To address _________ a question To deal __________ an issue To hand __________ a decision The right__________ free expression To protect _________ the actions of government To be worried _________ the matter To interfere____________ the right


Слайд 7: Comprehension

6. Answer the following questions about the dialogue: What are dress or hair codes? Give a definition/ what kinds of dress codes do you know? why do you think school administrators introduce dress or hair codes? what are the advantages and disadvantages of such an introduction? Can a public school impose dress or hair codes students? What's the difference between public and parochial schools in deciding that issue? what does the word combination free expression mean? Give your own definition of this term or look up the dictionary. when and why can free expression be limited? What instrument of the USA protects American students as well as adults against the actions of the government. What do you know about such laws in Russia?


Слайд 8: Listening

7. Listen to the dialogue about overdressing. Make sure you know the meaning of the following words: To overdress – вырядиться To embarrass – смущать To see eye-to-eye – с глазу на глаз Upper hand - власть You bet – вы держите пари Slumber party – вечеринка с ночевкой To dress up – наряжаться To feel overwhelmed – быть подавленным Bargaining power – рыночная власть Mind game - интеллектуальная игра


Слайд 9


Слайд 10: Views dress codes


Слайд 11: Court dress -

court dress is dictated by the relevant court.


Слайд 12: Formal

ball dresses for women, men, day Morning dress - light suit or a suit with a tie and a light jacket in the evening White tie - black coat with a white bow tie.


Слайд 13: Informal -

business Suits


Слайд 14: Smart casual

women jeans or a skirt with a blouse, sweater or jacket, boots or shoes in the middle heel shoes to tights, stockings or socks. Men trousers (sometimes jeans) and a shirt with long sleeves (can be no tie).


Слайд 15


Слайд 16: Business casual

women capri pants, long shorts or pants with a cloth polo men shirt or polo shirts and cotton trousers with a belt and free shoes.


Последний слайд презентации: Dress codes Students right to free expression Sapogova Juliya Volgograd State: The dress code at my university

At my university system approved by the dress code. According to him the girl should wear strict pants, skirts and dresses are above the knee, should be avoided in clothing dekalte. Men must wear the University of strict pants, shirts or polo. It is unacceptable to wear sports stuff, flip flops.

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