Презентация: Dispute settlement 490

Dispute settlement 490 Key facts Consultations Panel and Appellate Body proceedings Overall Conclusions and Recommendations
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Первый слайд презентации: Dispute settlement 490

Indonesia — Safeguard on Certain Iron or Steel Products


Слайд 2: Key facts

Short title: Indonesia — Iron or Steel Products (Chinese Taipei) Complainant: Chinese Taipei Respondent: Indonesia Third Parties: Australia; China; European Union; India; Japan; ; Russian Federation; Ukraine; Viet Nam; United States Agreements cited: (as cited in request for consultations) GATT 1994: Art.  I:1, XIX:1, XIX:2 Safeguards: Art.  2.1, 3.1, 4.1(a), 4.1(b), 4.1(c), 4.2(a), 4.2(b), 4.2(c), 12.2, 12.3 Request for Consultations received : 12 February 2015 Panel Report circulated: 18 August 2017


Слайд 3: Consultations

12 February 2015 – Chinese Taipei requested consultations with Indonesia regarding a safeguard measure imposed by Indonesia on imports of certain flat-rolled iron or steel products and the investigation and determinations leading thereto. Chinese Taipei claims that the measures are inconsistent with: 1) Articles I:1, XIX:1(a) and XIX:2 of the GATT 1994; and 2) Articles 2.1, 3.1, 4.1(a), 4.1 (b), 4.1(c), 4.2(a), 4.2 (b), 4.2(c), 12.2 and 12.3 of the Agreement on Safeguards


Слайд 4: Panel and Appellate Body proceedings

20 August 2015 – Chinese Taipei requested the establishment of a panel 28 September 2015 – the DSB established a panel


Последний слайд презентации: Overall Conclusions and Recommendations

The specific duty applied by Indonesia on imports of galvalume by means of Regulation No. 137.1/PMK.011/2014 does not constitute a safeguard measure within the meaning of Article 1 of the Agreement on Safeguards T he application of the specific duty on imports of galvalume originating in all but the 120 countries listed in Regulation No. 137.1/PMK.011/2014 is inconsistent with Indonesia's obligation to afford MFN-treatment under Article I:1 of the GATT 1994. 28 September 2017 – Indonesia notified the DSB of its decision to appeal to the Appellate Body certain issues of law and legal interpretations in the panel report.

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