Презентация на тему: David Bowie and his family life

David Bowie and his family life
Beginning relations
A girl from Lenin Street
The rowdy conformist
Late growing
Family eclogue
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The presentation was created by: Anna Guseva and Elizabeth Dushina

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Слайд 2: Beginning relations

“There was no difficulty at all” They met in 1990 She was 35 He was 43 Past experience is the basis

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Слайд 3: A girl from Lenin Street

Was born in Mogadishu Her father was an ambassador in Saudi Arabia She was studying at a good school on Lenin street with teachers from USSR

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Слайд 4: The rowdy conformist

Bisexual Has a son Zowie Started going out with Iman because of fashion

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Слайд 5: Late growing

Warm Careful Very reserved 1992- got married Has written a music for his own ceremony

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Слайд 6: Family eclogue

Became closer to each other Acted in several pictures Has her own cosmetic brand

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Последний слайд презентации: David Bowie and his family life: Quiz

What was the basis for ideal relations between Iman and Bowie? Who was Iman’s father? Tell me a name of the first Bowie’s son How did Iman describe Bowie when they started going out? Do you think warm relationship after marriage are possible or not? Why?

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