Презентация на тему: Children as a victim of drugs

Children as a victim of drugs
Children as victim of drugs
Centres in India
Punjab wages a ‘war on drugs’
Children as a victim of drugs
Current legal framework
Legal acts
Children as a victim of drugs
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Слайд 2: Children as victim of drugs

Children,because of their tender age,are particularly prone to be swayed into addiction under unhealthy influences and to be used as an instrument in drug trafficking. The amended law makes it mandatory for the states to set up juvenile justice boards and protection homes at district levels. States are dragging their feet on implementation of the juvenile justice (care and protection)amendment Act,2006.

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Слайд 3: Introduction

Children who abuse drugs may have a greater risk of developing an addiction when they are adults. It’s important to know the difference between drug abuse and addiction. Many teens experiment with drugs, but aren’t addicted. Children abuse can have long-term cognitive and behavioral effects since the child brain is still developing.

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Слайд 4: Centres in India

Delhi:Samadhan foundation against drug addiction Mumbai:sankalp rehabilitation centre Bangalore:dahalia foundation Kolkata :prayas de-addiction centre Ahmedabad:alpha healing centre

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Слайд 5: Punjab wages a ‘war on drugs’

Drug use and dependence is high in the northern Indian state of Punjab. No official survey has been conducted but the media reports that nearly 75% of the youth in the state are affected by drug use. The issue took on political dimensions during national elections in early 2014 and the state government began a clampdown on people who use drugs, with mass arrests, seizures and interdictions under the NDPS Act. Over 14, 564 persons were arrested under the NDPS Act in a span of 8 months and more than one third of prisoners in the state are reportedly facing drug-related charges. ‘Special drives’ were launched against people who use drugs, who were either arrested or forced to take admission in ‘de-addiction’ centres

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Слайд 6: Funding

A National Fund for the Control of Drug Abuse was established in May 1989. Rules for its administration were notified almost twenty years later, in 2006. The fund can receive contributions from the central government, individual donors and proceeds from the sale of property forfeited from drug trafficking. Applications are screened by a governing body, which comprises a senior officer and other members appointed by the government.60 NGOs and government departments are eligible to make requests for grants for drug control activities including treatment. Preventive education and awareness on the ‘ills’ of drug dependence have been prioritized for funding.

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Слайд 7

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Слайд 8: Current legal framework

Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985 NDPS Amendments, 1989 NDPS Amendments, 2001 NDPS Amendments, 2014

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Слайд 9: Legal acts

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