Презентация на тему: business negotiation

business negotiation
1. Words you need to know
2. Preparation for negotiations
3. Acquaintance
4. Rules of conduct at the negotiating table
business negotiation
business negotiation
5. The appearance of a business person
business negotiation
6. Typical mistakes
7. Farewell
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Слайд 2: content

1. Words you need to know 2. Preparation for negotiations 3. A cquaintance 4. Rules of conduct at the negotiating table 5. The appearance of a business person 6. Typical mistakes 7. Farewell

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Слайд 3: 1. Words you need to know

Negotiations; objectives To negotiate; to gain Labour ; deadlock Employees; escape Employer; approaches Tips; collaborative Skills; pursuing Aggravation; persuade

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Слайд 4: 2. Preparation for negotiations

the process of preparing for negotiations two stages : -organizational -substantial It is necessary to correctly determine the time and place of the meeting. The content of negotiations is a greater importance: it is important to determine negotiation position, to formulate proposals and arguments for them, to prepare instructions for negotiators, documents and materials.

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Слайд 5: 3. Acquaintance

At the first meeting, the most polite answer would be: "Hello" or "Nice to meet you", (You must lend a hand and look someone in the eyes ). If you haven’t someone to introduce you, introduce yourself. After meeting all the participants of the conversation, the heads of delegations represent their employees. The receiving delegation   must also be submitted at first. Those who occupy a higher position should be presented first and then those who rank below.

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Слайд 6: 4. Rules of conduct at the negotiating table

Two weeks before the expected date of the meeting have to notify the desire to negotiate. Venue negotiation offers inviting person and the guest side should confirm that. Even before the negotiation is to discuss and approve the terms of the issues which will be discussed and mark the purpose of the meeting. In the negotiations can’t be late. But arrive early, too, shouldn’t be.

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Слайд 7

The main element of appointments meeting room - table.   Best conference table should be round or oval. A representative who receives a delegation should sit facing the door. For example, to be able to seamlessly give signal to the Secretary. The main rule of the negotiation- confidentiality. Therefore, if you want to take a tape recorder, it is necessary to ask all the permissions.

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Слайд 8

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Слайд 9: 5. The appearance of a business person

Your appearance and manners will show that you’re in fact competent person. First impression : 55% is given to your appearance, 38% - is given to your body language gestures 7% - is given to the fact that you say Statistically, you have only 30 seconds, so that, when you first met with smb., to produce a positive or negative impression on the interlocutor. For 30 seconds, people form an opinion about you.

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Слайд 10

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Слайд 11: 6. Typical mistakes

Preparation for negotiations has been neglected. It is necessary to correlate the total time of negotiation and the number of planned issues. Negotiators are paying little time important issues. Peculiarities of etiquette are not in attention. Banal unprofessional. The large number of people. Reducing the quality of the talks.

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Последний слайд презентации: business negotiation: 7. Farewell

Lingering farewell equally inconvenient for everyone. At the end of the negotiation you must do briefly farewall. Leaving the negotiating partners, try to shake hands with them. If delegations are large, then you need to make a universal bow.

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