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Billy Joe Armstrong
What is « Green day »?
Billy Joe Armstrong
Billy Joe Armstrong
The most famous songs
Why I like his music ?
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S oloist « G reen day » Author : Соломенникова Дарья 8в

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Слайд 2: What is « Green day »?

American punk rock band, founded in 1986. It consists of three members: Billy Joe Armstrong (vocals, guitar), Mike Durnt (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Tre cool (drums).

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Слайд 3: Biography

Billie Joe Armstrong was born in February 17, 1972 in small town of Oakland, California. He is an American musician, singer, songwriter, and actor, best known as the lead vocalist and guitarist of the punk rock band Green Day. He is also a guitarist in the bands Pinhead Gunpowder, The Network, Foxboro Hot Tubes, Rancid, and the Longshot.

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Слайд 4

At the age of 14, Billy Joe composed his first song ("Why Do You Want Him?"), which was about his mother and stepfather. Billy started singing quite early, at the age of 5. He often visited hospitals and sang to their patients there. A little later, he had his own song "Look For Love", recorded by the local company Fiat Records. At the age of 11, his mother gave him his first electric guitar, the famous "Blue", which Billy plays to this day.

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Слайд 5

At the age of 10, Billy Joe met Mike Dernt in a school cafeteria. Staying at each other's houses at night, they listened to and performed songs by such rock giants as Ozzy Osbourne, Def Leppard and van Halen. Their music was also influenced by the work of the Bay Area alternative band during the eighties.In 1988, Billy Joe and Mike invited drummer John Kiffmeyer to join the band Sweet Children under the pseudonym alette and began their creative careers. Their first, but far from their last, performance was at the Rods Hickory Pit in Vallejo. The day before his eighteenth birthday, almost out of school, Billy dropped out and decided to devote all his time to Sweet Children (first name of « Green day »)

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Слайд 6: The most famous songs

Boulevard of Broken Dreams ( Album: American Idiot, 2004) Basket Case ( Album: Dookie, 1994) Holiday (Album: American Idiot, 2004 ) Wake Me Up When September Ends * my favorite* ( Album: American Idiot, 2004)

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I like Green days music because its cool : D

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