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an adventurous trip
an adventurous trip
plans I made
what I expected when you started the trip
main events
an adventurous trip
an adventurous trip
an adventurous trip
an adventurous trip
an adventurous trip
My feelings
Thank you for your attention!
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The work is performed by Student of the group №18824 Ksenia Kryukova

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Слайд 2

Hello everyone! I want to share an adventurous story with you! It happened with me, when I was in the 6 th grade at school. It also has a clear connection with my further study of English. I visited Finland with group of students. There we learned English for three weeks in a language school called “ Lärkkulla ”.

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Слайд 3: plans I made

Study English. Overcome the language barrier Look at life in a different country (it was my first trip abroad) Meet new people. Buy presents

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Слайд 4: what I expected when you started the trip

I didn’t know what the real English was. I was expecting to hear, to see English native speakers. I knew that, although I would be with my coevals, we were only supposed to speak English. I was planning that my English level would increase after the trip. At the same time we were going to visit many historical sights and interesting places, so I would tell my classmates a lot about Finland.

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Слайд 5: main events

We were traveling by train from Surgut to Saint-Petersburg in a reserved seat. We had to leave on the evening of December 31 to be at school at the right time. At that time it was one of the most funny moments and the most unusual places where I spent the first days of the new year. Surgut Saint-Petersburg

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Слайд 6

The school was located in a quiet, picturesque place surrounded by a forest (Maybe that’s the reason why I chose Akademgorodok 6 years later ? : D). T he school had a lot of students from different countries.

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Слайд 7

Everything was thought out to the smallest detail. The buildings were small, but very cozy. There was a strict daily schedule, we studied for 8 hours, did homework, there were so many activities that we barely had time to sleep.

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Слайд 8

The teachers were English, and the employees were mostly Finnish. The Finns seemed friendly and open. At the end of the studying, we could say a few words in Finnish, and they in Russian. I wasn’t expected to meet with anyone, as I was very and very shy. However, I met a lot of students from different countries. We were usually introduced to the dining room.

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Слайд 9

We went to Helsinki on weekends. In Helsinki I first saw huge shopping centers, endless crowds of people, and a fast pace of life. It seemed like a fairy tale at that time. In one of the children's stores, I saw an very beautiful plush cat, couldn’t resist and bought it, although it was quite expensive. It's funny that for many years this is my sister's favorite toy, which she almost never leaves.

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Слайд 10

Once we almost got lost when we were taking pictures with the girls. By some miracle, we were noticed by the teachers. T hen there was no Internet-connection in the phones, and we would hardly have been able to explain where we were.

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Слайд 11: My feelings

Since I've never been abroad, I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know there were other lives and other people. I didn't immediately feel the effect of that trip, but now, a few years later, I understand how important it was. That trip helped me to become more independent and understand that I want to connect my life with foreign languages.

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