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Mohamed Sobhy


Слайд 2: ABOUT ME

I am 19 years, born and still living in the capital which is Cairo, Egypt. I have two brothers one who is older than me by 4 years, he graduated last year and now he works as a teaching assistant at the British University in Cairo and a younger brother who is 12 years old and he is still in primary school. My father and mother have been happily married for 24 years. I have a lot of friends whom I love so much. I am majoring in Civil Engineering in the German University In Cairo which is one of the best universities in Egypt and I hope to built my first building and my dream is to design and built my own house.


Слайд 3: My Hobbies and Activities

My true passion and favorite hobby is soccer. When I was 10 years old I used to train in one of the best clubs in Egypt “AL- Zamalek ” for 2 years but then I stopped in order to focus on my academics. I still play soccer every week with my friends. I support both AC Milan and Real Madrid. I love swimming. I trained to swim when I was 8 years old and I am a good swimmer. I like to watch all kinds of sport especially soccer and handball. I also like to watch comedy and action movies and TV series. I always look forward to meet new people and to be socially active as much as possible.


Слайд 4: Professional Goals

My main aim now is to graduate college with a good bachelor degree. I want to become a civil engineer working in one of the international companies such as; Halliburton, O rascom or Schlumberger.


Слайд 5: In 10 Years

In 10 years, I want to be a successful civil engineer working in one of the large companies with a good salary and have already designed my first building. I want to buy my own house and my own car. I want to be married and have 2 children. I would like to be always in touch with my family and friends I want also to stay in good health to continuously play soccer on my weekends.



I currently live with my parents in a large apartment. I love them so much and we always have fun together. I have many best friends and I would never trade them for anything.


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