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Alfredo James ( « Al » Pacino )
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Alfredo James ( « Al » Pacino )


Слайд 2: Work plan with slide

Biography Education at the Actors Studio Career: Theatrical career Career in film


Слайд 3: Biography

W as born on April 25, 1940 East Harlem in Manhattan Son of Italian Americans


Слайд 4: Biography

In his teen years was also nicknamed "The Manlet “ He dropped out of school at age 17. And he at age 17 left home He worked at low-paying jobs.


Слайд 5: Education at the Actors Studio

He acted in basement plays in New York's theatrical underground Pacino then joined the Herbert Berghof Studio (HB Studio ) And learned from Charlie Laughton In the years he was not at home and work


Слайд 6: Theatrical career

In 1967, Pacino spent a season at the Charles Playhouse in Boston First role was “Awake and Sing !”


Слайд 7: Theatrical career

In 1968, Pacino starred in Israel Horovitz's   “ The Indian Wants the Bronx   ” at the Astor Place Theater Pacino won an Obie Award for Best Actor for his role


Слайд 8: Career in film

Pacino made his movie debut in 1969 with a brief appearance in Me, Natalie An independent film starring Patty Duke


Слайд 9: Career in film

It was the 1971 film “ The Panic in Needle Park” Michael Corleone in the blockbuster Mafia film The “Godfather”


Слайд 10: Career in film

In 1974 “The Godfather Part II” Which was the first sequel to win the  Best Picture Oscar; Meanwhile, was nominated for his third Oscar.


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In 1992, Pacino won the  ”Academy Award for Best Actor” In 1997 “ The Devil's Advocate”

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