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ADIDAS Market research Aleksandr Egorenko
History of adidas
Recent market research
Age breakdown of customers
The way of advertising
Places you can buy our goods
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ADIDAS Market research Aleksandr Egorenko

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Слайд 2: History of adidas

ADI Dassler founded adidas on August 18, 1949, because he wanted to help athletes achieve more.The adidas logo in the form of three stripes is what makes the brand's products recognizable. The company has been using the logo since 1952, and the German sports giant owes its appearance to a well-known manufacturer from Finland. Since the early 50s, adidas has been constantly expanding. There are new models of football boots, bags and other equipment. Starting from the mid-60s and up to the early 90's, adidas presents dozens of models of sneakers that will later acquire the status of classics. It is during this time period that the company will release models such as adidas Superstar and Gazelle, Spezial and Campus, Torsion and ZX500.

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Слайд 3: Recent market research

Question Agree Disagree Don’t know Adidas is a well known brand 60 10 30 Adidas is taking a big part of a shoe market 60 30 10 I’d like to change my current shoes to Adidas 60 10 30 Adidas is a good choice for teenagers 85 5 10 Adidas is making a high-quality shoes 80 5 15

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Слайд 4: Age breakdown of customers

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Слайд 5: Superstar-Adidas

Adidas Superstar is a well-known model of sneakers produced by the German manufacturer of sports equipment and accessories Adidas. The model is a basketball sneaker with a low Cup, produced since 1969 and is a variation of the Superstar Pro Model. Nicknamed "the shell" for the peculiar form of rubber toe protection that looks like a shell, the model has become a "design icon", having a strong influence on the further development of models of sneakers from various manufacturers

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Слайд 6: The way of advertising

We are going to use target ads, when person is searching for a sport clothes our ad will pop up telling him that he can purchase sneakers made by Adidas. We think that this is the best way of advertising, because we have a person interested in buying new shoes and there’s our ad that tells him that he can buy our sneakers. Simple.

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Последний слайд презентации: ADIDAS Market research Aleksandr Egorenko: Places you can buy our goods

We will sell them in official Adidas Stores, it will be their exclusive, also, you will be sure that you bought the original sneakers, not the fake ones. Every customer is important for us, and you can be sure that we will give you best service we can!

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